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AmeriLux Employee Spotlight

Diedra Wilmet | Customer Relations Representative

Before coming to AmeriLux, Diedra Wilmet worked as a merchandiser for the Indianapolis Fruit Company, a distributor of fruits, vegetables, and other produce items. After being with the company for seven years doing the same thing, she realized there was little to no room for growth.

Looking for a change in direction, Diedra joined the Customer Relations Department at AmeriLux in January 2017. Her primary duties are answering incoming calls, responding to customer’s emails, estimating and order entry, as well as, numerous other support functions.

When asked what she is enjoying most about her role at AmeriLux, Diedra replied, “Every day is different. I like the challenge and I enjoy having to stretch my brain a bit!”

Fun Fact: Diedra spends most of her spare time at a local boarding facility, riding and caring for her horse “Val”.


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East Harlem Grand Pavilion

“2016 Parsons Design Workshop Project”

Located in New York City’s Greenwich Village, near Union Square, the School of Constructed Environments (SCE) is situated within the Parsons School of Design. The SCE is an internationally recognized center for the study of the urban built environment.

 The Design Workshop is SCE’s signature design-build program; providing pro-bono design and construction services to NY nonprofits while offering graduate architecture and lighting design students the opportunity to work on projects for real clients. The East Harlem Garden Pavilion is the latest project in a long line of design-build projects completed by Workshop students.

Starting within the design portion of the Workshop, students re-imagined the East Harlem community garden known as El Sitio Feliz or “The Happy Place”. The garden features a playground and is used throughout the year for community gardening activities as well as a variety of cultural and musical festivals.

Under the supervision of architecture faculty, students constructed a new pavilion and seating space using both purchased and donated building materials. The steel and cedar pavilion design incorporates elements that are both functional and visually appealing, including lighting, planters, an outdoor sink, and translucent roof panels.

Having had great success with similar systems in the past, the LEXAPANEL™ polycarbonate standing seam panel was used to glaze portions of the pavilion roof. Compared to other glazing materials, the LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™ 20mm 5-Wall X-Structure panel is an extremely durable yet lightweight panel, offering ease of handling and installation. Students from the Workshop found the installation method of the LEXAPANEL™ panel easy to grasp, installing the panels in one day.

While most of the 2016 Parsons Design Workshop project is complete, there are a few details that still need to be wrapped up. New playground equipment and landscaping will be put in as soon as the temperate is consistently above 50 degrees in NYC. The plan is to finish by late spring or early summer.


The Parsons’ School of Constructed Environments (SCE) encompasses a unique array of design principles, challenging students to take on the cultural, environmental, and technological forces shaping the world today.  Click here to visit their website.


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AmeriLux is Expanding … Again!

Since being formed in May 2004, AmeriLux International has expanded its facility twice. In 2009, we expanded the distribution center and operations space, nearly doubling the physical plant size. In 2012, we completed another expansion to the distribution center; bringing the total square footage of operations space to just under 60,000 square feet.

This time, AmeriLux is adding an additional building. The 30,592 square foot facility is being built on the vacant property adjacent to our current East De Pere location and will house our extensive inventory of multiwall polycarbonate products. The new building will have 161 unique storage locations; providing us the opportunity to improve our lot control, minimize double handling of material, and allow for a true FIFO inventory system.

Follow our Expansion Progress. Updates will be posted regularly.


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Glossary of Terms | Softlite Polycarbonate

LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™ Softlite is a 100% light diffusing panel utilizing advanced polymer technology to scatter light while maintaining a high level of light transmission. Natural light is scattered in many directions. The result is a softer light that helps to eliminate hot spots, glare and shadows.

The diffusion feature is excellent for greenhouse applications. Light encompasses both top and bottom leaves resulting in uniform growth and more usable energy to the plant.

According to several studies, natural diffused light increases occupant productivity and creates a more comfortable, safe environment for both people and animals.


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Ozanam Inn |New Sheltered Day Space

“Polycarbonate Panels create Translucent Canopy”

Located in the Louisiana city of New Orleans, the Ozanam Inn has been providing an emergency night shelter and services for the homeless and under-served for over sixty years. Last fall, the outside gathering area at the Ozanam Inn was transformed into a more functional and visually appealing day space. This was all made possible by a generous anonymous donor’s gift and the collaborative efforts of the Tulane School of Architecture’s community design center.

The Ozanam Inn’s new day space features a wonderful outdoor canopy and a large wooden decking area with plenty of seating. The canopy is built of steel and pressure-treated wood. The ‘folded’ roof surface was designed with several ridges and valleys. Preferring a transparent white or frosted roofing material, LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™ 15 Softlite twin wall polycarbonate panels were used to cover the structure.

LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™ 15 was an excellent choice for this canopy project. These high-performance panels are extremely durable and can withstand a lot of punishment from nature’s elements. Softlite polycarbonate provides 100% light diffusion. The panels diffuse the natural light coming through, creating a comfortable outdoor space for the clients of the Ozanam Inn.

The ribbon cutting ceremony for Ozanam Inn’s new sheltered day space was held earlier this month. “It was a great celebration of a long semester’s work. We’re doing some touch up here and there, but the shelter is being put to good use every day!” said Sara Allen Harper, M. Arch 2017 | Tulane University School of Architecture.

Tulane City Center brings together creative makers and doers working for a better city by advancing community-driven ideas through collaboration, design education and scrappy problem-solving.

Ozanam Inn offers aid and comfort to the poor and needy in its community by providing basic human needs such as; food, shelter and clothing.

LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™ is a trademark of SABIC


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AmeriLux Employee Spotlight

Jim Romenesko | Driver for AmeriLux Transportation

A Sprinkler Fitter for twenty-one years, Jim Romenesko decided to retire after his third knee surgery. During those years as Sprinkler Fitter, he also worked as a part-time truck driver and milked cows for a local dairy farm. Previous to his time spent in the fire sprinkler fitter trade, Jim was a full time truck driver.

With years of experience behind the wheel of trucks, Jim joined AmeriLux Transportation as a part time driver nearly two years ago.  “My role is to safely get products from point-to-point as efficiently as possible in a courteous manner,” Jim responded. “I like this job because it is physically easier on the body. I also like to drive, always did!”

Fun Fact: Jim played football for the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Started as a Freshman and Sophomore. After three concussions and a back surgery, he decided to stop playing.

In case you were wondering: A Sprinkler Fitter is a very demanding trade and is responsible for installing all types of fire-protecting systems that save lives and property.

To continually provide value-added services and improve on-time delivery with key customers, AmeriLux International formed AmeriLux Transportation, a full-service freight transport company, in June 2012. Click here to learn more.


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DIY Tip of the Month: Snow Load

Snow load refers to the amount of “snow and ice” weight per square foot that a building’s roof is able to support.

In areas with high snow loads, several factors should be considered when purchasing polycarbonate sheets for a roofing project: Sheet structure and thickness, sheet width, purlin spacing, type of connection, slope direction, roof shape, and wind exposure.

Always consult with your local building inspector to determine the building code requirements for your area.


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Link of Interest: Polycarbonate Daylighting Solutions

Seven Stunning Examples of Polycarbonate Daylighting Solutions

Architectural building designs featuring translucent polycarbonate continue to increase in popularity around the world.

Click here for a article written by Lizzie Crook that highlights seven stunning examples.


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AmeriLux | Frequently Asked Polycarbonate Question

Langford Elementary, Hartford CT

Lumira® aerogel

Q. What are the benefits to filling polycarbonate multiwall panels with Lumira® aerogel?

A. Multiwall polycarbonate daylighting systems are greatly enhanced by the inclusion of Lumira® aerogel. Lumira® aerogel increases the insulation factor, provides superior light diffusion, improves acoustic performance, reduces solar heat gain/loss, and decreases energy consumption.




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AmeriLux Employee Spotlight

Kyle Goehegan | Team Lead – Lumira® aerogel

Before joining AmeriLux in the summer of 2015, Kyle worked in warehousing and retail for several years. He is a hardworking, valuable member of the Distribution Center (DC) Team, leading the efforts of the Lumira® aerogel department.

On a day-to-day basis, Kyle operates the Lumira® aerogel filling machine. A unique piece of equipment used to fill multiwall polycarbonate panels with the high-quality silica particulate. Kyle executes and oversees the entire aerogel filling process from start to finish which includes: ripping, filling, tamping, taping, and final inspection of the filled panels.

When asked his opinion on the benefits of filling multiwall polycarbonate panels with Lumira® aerogel, Kyle replied, “It ups the insulation factor and eliminates hot spots. The aerogel also adds a cool look.”

Lumira® aerogel Filling Machine

Lumira® aerogel increases the thermal insulation properties of a multiwall panel. The use of insulated polycarbonate panels in architectural daylighting applications can aid in meeting today’s stringent building and energy code requirements. Call 888.602.4441 to learn more about the many benefits of this product.





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