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101 Uses of Polycarbonate: #38 Hobby Greenhouse

Lets Sunlight In, Keeps UV Rays Out.

Polycarbonate is a durable greenhouse glazing material – perfect for the ultimate backyard greenhouse. The advantage of multiwall polycarbonate is its insulating effect; keeping the temperature in the greenhouse more even and creating a better growing habitat. Polycarbonate is UV stabilized filtering out harmful ultra violet sunrays, lessening the risk of burning plants. Whether you’re building a home greenhouse or replacing existing greenhouse coverings, twin wall or triple wall polycarbonate panels are the ideal choice for your DIY project.

If you would like to learn more about multiwall polycarbonate, please visit our website at


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3 Responses to 101 Uses of Polycarbonate: #38 Hobby Greenhouse

  1. my site says:

    It doesn’t matter what weather it is, plastics can survive in many conditions. And if not it is easily replaced.

  2. tori lenze says:

    I have been able to locate this greenhouse #W607 only with Walmart and UnbeatableSale.
    Neither of these stores have given much of a description of this item, and Walmart does not carry the HG at present.
    Are there any other sellers of this product?
    It would be very helpful to receive all pertinent dimensions.

    Thank you,

    • amerilux says:

      Hello Tori,

      Sorry but I am not familiar with the #607 Greenhouse available at Wal-Mart and UnbeatableSale.
      AmeriLux carries the #W606 Walk-In Greenhouse. This is an item that we are discontinuing and can be purchased at a great price. This greenhouse is 6’6″W x 7’4″L x 6’6″H. Features one window, 4ft high side walls, 4mm polycarbonate, 2ft wide sliding door, and a galvanized steel base is available.
      If you would like pricing or more information about this product, please call 888.602.4441 and ask for Jen Hewitt.
      Thank you!

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