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Q: What are the benefits to filling polycarbonate multiwall panels with Lumira® aerogel?

A: Lumira® aerogel-filled polycarbonate panels improve the quality of light, transmit less sound, increase thermal efficiency, and help to reduce a building’s carbon footprint.

Aerogel-filled polycarbonate panels eliminate glare and hot spots. Natural daylight is diffused evenly throughout the interior of a building, creating a softer, improved source of light while reducing the need for artificial lighting.

Acoustic STC values are increased in multiwall polycarbonate panels with Lumira® aerogel, reducing external and internal noise transfer. Other Lumira® aerogel benefits include: moisture resistance, low thermal conductivity, reduced solar heat gain/loss, and a green product and manufacturing process.

These factors, when combined with the diverse nature of multiwall polycarbonate in daylighting and insulation systems, increase architectural design options and enhance aesthetics.


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