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Craig Cutcher | Special Projects Manager

Craig Cutcher has been a member of the A-Team since 2011. He has watched AmeriLux continue to grow and evolve with new hires and partnerships, additional products and fabrication services, solutions-driven equipment investments, and forward-thinking facility expansions.

Over the past six years, Craig has also grown within the company. He started out with AmeriLux in the Distribution Center (DC), fulfilling orders for a key customer, overseeing the operation of the multiwall polycarbonate cutting table, and moving trailers with the spotter truck. He’s assisted in crating, shipping and receiving, and inventory management. He’s also played an important role in the implementation of new equipment and processes. Mostly recently, Craig has been heavily involved in the new building expansion. “I’ve been moving material stored in forty outside trailers – inside,” Craig said. “Now that the new building is complete, our original distribution center is being revamped. I’ve been relocating departments and setting them up to be more efficient.”

Craig continued with his thoughts on the new building: “The new racking system and lift is going to make inventory management and moving material easier and faster. It’s now going to take only one person to move material versus needing five. And, the time spent moving material is going to be considerably less – half an hour versus what use to take four hours. That’s a huge time savings!”

Fun Fact: Craig spends much of his free time riding his Harley-Davidson Fatboy.


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