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Tyler Brown | Account Manager – AmeriLux Logistics

This past spring, Tyler Brown graduated from St. Norbert College (De Pere, WI) with a degree in Business Administration. He joined the A-Team shortly after graduation as an Account Manager with AmeriLux’s Logistics Division. “I was attracted to join the AmeriLux team because of its culture and values,” said Tyler. “The people here are kind, hardworking, and extremely dedicated to making AmeriLux successful.”

As an AmeriLux Logistics Account Manager, Tyler coordinates and facilitates incoming and outgoing freight, creating worry free situations for its customer’s freight moving needs. Negotiation and relationship building are Tyler’s favorite aspects of his job. The most challenging part he says is finding functional ways to account for every detail. “There is significant value in staying organized so that our customer’s freight is moved effectively. The transportation industry is full of variables out of my control that can eradicate the initial plan. Being organized can advance the time it takes to manage predicaments.”

Fun Fact: Tyler is a 200-hour certified yoga teacher and enjoys sharing the positive benefits of movements with others.


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Frequently Asked Polycarbonate Question

Q. Do polycarbonate sheets expand and contract with temperature changes?

A. Yes, polycarbonate sheets have a natural tendency to expand in hot weather and contract in cold. Temperature changes throughout the day and night will cause the sheets to expand and contract, making allowances for this thermal movement during installation is very important. Otherwise, the resistance to these temperature adjustments will cause undue stress on the sheet. Possible sheet failure may result in the form of distortion, buckling, and/or cracking.



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ATW New Car Rental Facility

“Skylight Provides Natural Lighting”

Architect: Mead & Hunt
General Contractor: Miron Construction

Appleton International Airport (ATW)* broke ground on a new car rental facility this past June. The new facility is part of a multi-phase airport renovation project. The interior of the nearly 7,000 square-foot building features a center skylight that spans the main lobby, providing natural light throughout the day.

Designed, manufactured and installed by Super Sky*, the center “ridge-style” skylight features 25mm LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™ Plus 5-Wall X clear multiwall polycarbonate panels mounted onto a steel support structure. This well-designed system allows for the expansion and contraction of the polycarbonate panels, ensuring the skylight will be strong, silent and leak-free.

“Polycarbonate panels are easy to work with because they are light in weight,” said Super Sky Field Superintendent Greg Karow. “There is no need for additional equipment to help move or place the panels. Even the longer panels can be handled easily by one person.”

CLICK HERE to read the Full Article and view Installation and Finished Skylight Photos.

*Appleton International Airport is located just west of Appleton, Wisconsin in the town of Greenville.
*Located in Mequon, Wisconsin, Super Sky Products Enterprises, LLC provides high quality skylight systems around the world.


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A-Team Members | Giving Thanks

thanksgivingThanksgiving is a time when we get together with family and friends and give thanks for that which we are grateful. In celebration of Thanksgiving Day, here is what some of the members of the A-Team are thankful for:

Joe Nick (Director of Operations): “I am thankful for having the opportunity every day to make a positive difference in people’s lives and our community as a whole.  I am also extremely thankful (and lucky) that my beautiful wife of now almost 4 weeks said yes!”

Jesse Kettenhoven (Distribution Center): “I spend much of my Thanksgiving season in my hometown. My mom always has the Christmas tree up already. My Dad and I spend most of our time in the outdoors. So this time of year, I’m thankful for my family.”

Jim Voss (Distribution Center): “I have never been given such a difficult yet rewarding job as being a parent. It is a blessing watching them grow and discover life’s beauty. I am thankful for the strength and grace to raise my precious children. They have taught me how to be a real man to depths I could not have achieved without this experience.”

Kelly Romenesko (Customer Relations Mgr): This year I am especially thankful for the amazing support system I have that not only includes my family and friends but my work family as well!

Conner Doran (Account Mgr – AmeriLux Logistics): “I’m thankful for what I have, the opportunities that I have been given, and the trust worthy people in my life.”

Kelvin Emmons (Distribution Center): “I’m thankful for standing upright. To be able to get up out of bed every day and have an address (job) to come to. I’m also thankful for my sassy wife Mary.”

Travis Vanden Heuvel (Director of Business Development): “Our daughter started her first year of school this year. Jess and I knew that Faith liked to learn new things, but little did we know how much 4K – and specifically, her teachers – would amplify her love of learning. My wife and I have always been thankful for great teachers; we’ve been blessed to have been taught by some of the best. But I think most parents can agree, there is a newfound appreciation for the educational system when you entrust it to develop and care for your own children. THANK YOU, TEACHERS!”

All of us at AmeriLux International would like to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving. May you enjoy the day with the ones you cherish the most. Have a safe and happy holiday!


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DIY Tip of the Month

pergola_install_blogPolycarbonate panels are manufactured with a protective masking film to ensure they stay scratch-free during product handling and installation. This film also indicates the UV protected side. It is important to remove this masking immediately after installing the panels.

If this protective film is not removed, heat or exposure to the sun will “bake” it to the surface of the panel, causing extreme difficulties in removal and possibly voiding the product warranty.


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Josh Chamberlain | Shipping & Receiving / DC Team

josh_chamberlain_blogJosh Chamberlain began working for AmeriLux part-time while going to college. Since graduating a couple of years ago, Josh has become a valuable full-time member of the Distribution Center (DC) Team. As the Corrugated Team Leader, Josh oversees the Hendricks horizontal panel saw — responsible for quality “cut-to-size” Corrugated, Agrilite™, TRUSSCORE™, and THERMOCLICK™ panels.

In addition to his team leader role, Josh has taken on the responsibilities of shipping and receiving. From scheduling material pick-ups to creating bills of lading to receiving incoming containers, he oversees all aspects of inbound and outbound shipments. Excited to expand his current role, Josh looks forward to gaining more exposure to other areas of the company that will challenge and help grow his skills.

Fun Fact: Josh is a passionate follower of adult amateur athletics.


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2016 Manufacturing Awards of Distinction (MAOD Event)

2016_maod-blogAdvance, the economic development department of the Green Bay Chamber, hosted their MAOD awards banquet last night at the Radisson Hotel & Conference Center, Green Bay. This annual event honors Northeast Wisconsin companies who have achieved excellence in manufacturing.

AmeriLux International was among the companies honored at last night’s event, receiving the 2016 Manufacturing Award of Distinction for “Community Support & Involvement”. The award recognizes AmeriLux’s deep commitment to its local community. AmeriLux contributes to many local organizations and charities that support education, community development, youth development, health and well-being, poverty and homelessness, and both men’s and women’s issues.

AmeriLux CEO, Kurt Voss, serves on a variety of local boards and is the current Chair of the Board of Partners in Education for the Green Bay Chamber of Commerce. Employees of AmeriLux are also active in the community, volunteering with Saint Vincent de Paul and the ALS Association, and serving on boards including Wisconsin Literacy and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Click here for a link to the 2016 award winners.


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Laura Leiterman | Inventory Control Specialist

laura_leiterman_2016This past August, Laura celebrated her seven-year anniversary with AmeriLux. She started working for AmeriLux while attending college, doing landscape maintenance. After college, she put her carpentry skills to use in the crating department. Her hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed. In January of 2011, Laura was promoted to overseeing AmeriLux’s shipping and receiving activities, including inventory control.

A couple of months ago, Laura had the opportunity to change her role again. Passing her shipping and receiving responsibilities to a fellow A-team member, Laura has become more involved in the inventory control process, building assemblies, taking material out, and invoicing. She has also taken on the purchasing of office and distribution center supplies as well as other administrative duties.

Fun Fact: Laura is a self-taught woodworker and she owns more power/air tools than most men!


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Frequently Asked Polycarbonate Question

Q. Should I buy a greenhouse kit or build my own greenhouse structure


Greenhouse Kit

A. Greenhouse kits are available in many sizes and styles from greenhouse suppliers. These companies can help answer questions on the various types of frames and coverings available. Basic kits can be purchased at reasonable price, offering a nice compromise between time, convenience, cost, and ease-of-assembly.


Custom Built Greenhouse

If you are handy, building your own greenhouse offers greater flexibility in size, shape, and materials used, and can be a great DIY project. This option usually costs less, especially if you have some of the materials on-hand to build the structure. If not, most of the building materials can be found at your local home improvement center.




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Residential Gazebo Receives Facelift

“Not all polycarbonate is created equal”

gazebo_exterior_smShading the patio in the back of Jason Wright’s home in Howard, WI was essential given its western exposure. Harsh afternoon and evening sun made enjoying the space impossible. To remedy the situation, Jason bought a gazebo. The canvas lasted about five years. Frustrated that replacement canvas wasn’t available, Jason gave the metal frame to a friend to grow grapes on. He bought a second gazebo with the knowledge that replacement canvas could be purchased. Unfortunately, the first storm of the season twisted that gazebo’s metal frame and rust ensued within a few months.

Jason bought his current gazebo approximately three years ago from a big box store. He chose a structure built with twinwall polycarbonate and a very rigid frame to withstand the elements. Last year, hail pitted the top of the polycarbonate panels. Because of the hail damage, unsightly dirt and pollen began to accumulate in the panel’s channels, clouding them horribly.

gazebo_interior_smUnhappy with the durability of the panels supplied with the gazebo, Jason decided to purchase high-performance polycarbonate panels from AmeriLux. These impact-resistant bronze panels were an ideal choice for Jason’s gazebo, providing 30% light transmission while still blocking the sun’s bright rays. “After seeing the strength of AmeriLux’s panels combined with a great warranty, the choice was evident,” Jason said.

“This was truly a DIY project,” said Jason. “A couple of small clamps to hold the old pieces as templates on top of the new polycarbonate, a steady couple of passes with the utility knife, and I had perfect replacement panels to install. I now have a gazebo that looks factory fresh and the peace of mind that I won’t need to take the roof apart anytime soon.”


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