LEXAN* THERMOCLEAR* Plus - "High Performance Polycarbonate"

Thermoclear Plus ClearLEXAN* THERMOCLEAR* Plus high-performance sheet is superior to other available polycarbonate multiwall glazing products. LEXAN* THERMOCLEAR* Plus sheets offer the best ten-year warranty in the industry against yellowing and loss of light transmission. These sheets will not change more than 2 Delta on yellowing index or lose more than 2% light transmission over a ten year period. THERMOCLEAR* Plus will also retain its high-impact strength due to the high performance UV protection on the sheet.

LEXAN* 8mm THERMOCLEAR* Plus Twinwall - Clear

  • Resists yellowing 5 times longer than the competitor's (Yellowing Index)
  • Carries the best warranty against yellowing with no more than 2% light transmission loss over 10 years
  • 81% PAR light transmission
  • Dripgard anti-condensate feature on interior side
  • Field proven technology for over 27 years
  • Maintains high clarity and retains mechanical properties

The Science of Light

Maintains its Clarity

Maintains its Strength

Maintains High Light Levels

  • LEXAN* THERMOCLEAR* Plus sheets out perform and out last all other brands.

  • It is simply the BEST polycarbonate sheet on the market!


LEXAN* 8mm THERMOCLEAR* Plus Twinwall - Softlite:

  • 100% light diffusion which prevents burning of plants
  • High light transmission produces high yield
  • 79% PAR light transmission
  • Dripgard - a unique proprietary hydrophilic coating
  • Provides an optimal growing environment

LEXAN* 16mm THERMOCLEAR* Plus Triplewall - Clear:

  • UV resistant surface on both sides protects against degrading effects of ultra-violet radiation
  • 74% PAR light transmission
  • Outstanding thermal insulation properties (U-Value 0.42)
  • Retains impact performance over a wide temperature range

LEXAN* 16mm THERMOCLEAR* Plus Triplewall - Softlite:

  • 100% light diffusion creates an excellent environment for maximum plant growth
  • 72% PAR light transmission
  • High insulative properties (U-Value - 0.42)
  • Diffusion scatters light eliminating shadows promoting plant uniformity
  • Eliminates intensity of suns rays creating a cooler interior environment

LEXAN* 20mm THERMOCLEAR* Plus X - Clear, Opal, and Bronze:

  • Natural light diffusion and improved thermal efficiency (U-Value .29)
  • PAR light transmission - 58% Clear | 50% Opal | 30% Bronze
  • Unique X-structure profile provides high impact strength
  • UV protected on both sides thus retaining quality for years to come

LEXAN* 25mm THERMOCLEAR* Plus X - Clear, Opal, and Bronze:

  • Daylighting plus thermal insulation performance (U-Value: .26)
  • PAR light transmission - 57% Clear | 49% Opal | 25% Bronze
  • High impact strength and breakage resistance
  • Enhanced UV protection on both sides of the surface

Additional LEXAN* THERMOCLEAR* Plus features available:

  • Easy Clean "self-cleaning" exterior surface
  • Two-sided UV protection to minimize installation mistakes

* Trademarks of SABIC Innovative Plastics B.V.


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