Zoo Exhibit Entrance Features Polycarbonate Glazing

“Vertical Daylighting”

bronx zoo polycarbonate exhibit entranceFor the first time since the 1950’s, komodo dragons are back at New York’s Bronx Zoo. The exhibit opened earlier this summer and is the new home to three adolescent komodo dragons named Rose, Ivy, and Stubby.

The entrance of the exhibit features a beautiful translucent wall system engineered by Duo-Gard Industries Inc. in Canton, MI. The arched 28-ft-high by 20-ft-wide translucent wall integrates LEXAN™ THERMOCLICK™ 40mm clear polycarbonate panels in Duo-Gard’s proprietary aluminum framing profile. The light diffusing characteristics of the THERMOCLICK™ panel eliminate glare and hot spots in the exhibit, creating a misty, glowing appearance that draws visitor’s attention.

The high thermal insulation properties of the 40mm LEXAN™ THERMOCLICK™ panel make it a perfect glazing choice for this type of application. The unique 5-wall X-structure polycarbonate sheet reduces heat loss from the interior of the exhibit, keeping the dragons comfortable at 95-100 °F, while maintaining a much cooler “visitor-friendly” temperature on the viewing side.

Also key in the design of the translucent wall was the tongue and groove feature of the LEXAN™ THERMOCLICK™ panel. The zoo’s design team wanted a wall with clean lines that did not detract from the exhibit itself. The inter-connecting polycarbonate sheet eliminates the need for vertical profiles. From the visitor’s side there are no visible fasteners, achieving the overall desired clean look.

Like its use in the Bronx Zoo dragon exhibit, the high-performance LEXAN™ THERMOCLICK™ polycarbonate panel offers architects and designers a lightweight, aesthetically-pleasing, glazing option with good thermal insulation, light transmission, and light diffusion characteristics. To learn more about how you can utilize this product in your next project, please CLICK HERE.  

LEXAN THERMOCLICK is a trademark of SABIC.


Duo-Gard Industries Inc. is a leading innovator in high-performance translucent daylighting systems and architectural illumination, as well as custom canopies, shelters and outdoor structures. For additional information about Duo-Gard and/or this project, please visit http://www.duo-gard.com.

Photo by Anne Ruthmann Photography.


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