Clayton High School Recreation Center

“Pinnacle 350 Skylights”

Building/Owner: Clayton School District, Clayton, MO
Skylight Contractor: St. Louis Skylights, Chesterfield, MO
Consultant: RMT Roofing and Waterproofing, Manchester, MO
Wasco Representative: Roofing Sales Associates, Inc., St. Charles, MO

The School District of Clayton is located in the City of Clayton, six miles west of St. Louis, Missouri. The district is comprised of six schools. In 2010, the school’s recreation center began experiencing problems with the FRP (Fiberglass-Reinforced Polymer) skylights in the building. The staff was tasked with the process of exploring options to repair or replace the existing units.

clayton high school missouriWhile attending the annual MSPMA Conference and Tradeshow in 2010, Tim Wonish, Clayton School District’s Director of Facility Services met Kevin Geil with Roofing Sales Associates, Inc., manufacturers' representatives of commercial-roofing products including Wasco Skylights. Tim spoke about the issues the school was having with the manufacturer of the existing FRP skylights in the district’s center.

After their conversation, Kevin was asked to put a proposal together so Tim could submit it for next year’s school budget. St. Louis Skylights, a local skylight contractor, was contacted by Kevin to put a budget number together with a quote from Wasco for replacement skylights. Kevin also worked with RMT Roofing and Waterproofing to write the roof work specifications.

clayton high school recreation centerThe skylight project went out for bid in the spring of 2011. September of that year, St. Louis Skylights received a letter of intent to replace the existing units. The renovation project was installed in two phases the following year.

The failing units in the gymnasium were replaced with Wasco metal-framed skylight structures. The 9’6” wide x 42’ long Pinnacle 350 double pitch skylights feature 25mm clear polycarbonate panels filled with Lumira® aerogel for superior thermal performance.

The pool roof skylight was retrofitted with a 9’6” wide x 83’ long structural ridge system. Like the double pitch, this skylight features a clear anodized metal-frame with Lumira® aerogel-filled multiwall polycarbonate panels, providing more visible light transmittance at a better U-Value than the previous FRP system.

The Wasco Pinnacle 350 glazing system was the ideal replacement solution for the Clayton School District skylight renovation project. The high performance properties of the new skylights will provide both visual and thermal comfort, controlling the amount of daylight, quality of light, and amount of solar heat gain let into the building.

Founded in 1935, Wasco Skylights is one of America's largest skylight manufacturers. Click here to learn more about their full line of commercial and residential daylighting solutions.


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