Blue Iguana Car Wash, Springfield, Missouri

“LEXAN� THERMOCLICK� Interlocking Sheet”

blue iguana car washThe Blue Iguana Car Wash was designed and developed by Greg Byler, CEO of Pit Stop Consulting headquartered in Springfield, MO, a leading training and consulting firm serving the car wash and fast lube industries. The concept behind the design is to have customers go through the carwash and exit through a tower. This gives better visibility because the actual carwash is set back a bit.

Needing a product that could stand up to the unique challenges of a vehicle wash building, the 40mm LEXAN� THERMOCLICK� sheet was chosen for this project. This polycarbonate interlocking sheet eliminates the need for vertical profiles, thereby saving money and enhancing aesthetics. The specially designed fix-key connection provides superior loading performance.

blue iguana car washA car wash facility is subject to a great deal of abuse on a daily basis which can translate into substantial upkeep costs.� Low maintenance LEXAN� THERMOCLICK� sheets resist rusting, rotting, and warping, eliminating many common vehicle wash problems like mold and mildew. The superior sound and excellent thermal insulation properties of the LEXAN� THERMOCLICK� sheet helps to keep noise levels low while reducing heating and cooling costs. Furthermore, LEXAN� THERMOCLICK� sheets are warranted against discoloration, which means the building will retain its fresh appearance for many years to come.

LEXAN� THERMOCLICK� is an easy-to-install, impact resistant, and virtually maintenance-free polycarbonate multiwall sheet. A cost effective solution, engineered to suit many cladding and fa�ade applications such as residences, commercial buildings, office buildings, and warehouses.

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LEXAN THERMOCLICK is a trademark of SABIC.


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