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LEXAPANEL* Standing Seam System


Providing Customers with the Freedom to Choose


"This product has the potential to make a big impact on the architectural and building industry with its freedom to choose panel width, color, thickness, structure, coating and type of connection."

lexapanel productThe patent-pending LEXAPANEL* standing seam system is an innovative polycarbonate technology that is worth talking more about. This technology delivers reduced system costs thanks to the elimination of aluminum connectors and a snap-on connection, greatly reducing installation time and cost. More lighting can be brought into a building without added complexity or loss in insulation.

Codeveloped with SABIC’s Innovative Plastic business, the LEXAPANEL* standing seam system is a major innovation that addresses many different building and construction challenges with one versatile concept. The LEXAPANEL* standing seam system delivers the durability, high light transmission, and thermal insulation properties of the LEXAN* multiwall polycarbonate sheet. This system offers architects, builders and integrators exceptional flexibility to create sustainable and beautiful transparent glazing and roofing elements.

lexapanel roof applicationCompared to the competition’s standing seam system, the LEXAPANEL* standing seam solution provides customers with far more glazing options. This system offers the “freedom to choose” panel length and width with a choice of connectors - square or rounded profile. Custom configurations are also available. The freedom to choose includes structure, thickness, color, and coating. This system has many uses in addition to roofing including: walkways, canopies, shelters, skylights, domes, and conservatories.

The Canoe Meadows Community Garden pavilion located in Pittsfield, MA was constructed using the LEXAPANEL* standing seam system as the roofing material. This 60 x 30 foot pavilion is the first project to use the innovative LEXAPANEL* technology. canoe meadows lexapanel pavillionThe LEXAPANEL* standing seam system was used because it provided a daylighting option to the typical metal roof. The pavilions intended use is as an outdoor classroom and as a picnic spot for the visitors to the sanctuary. The use of Lexapanel* provides cover from the elements and shade from the sun while letting enough light in to eliminate the need for additional lighting.

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The multitude of potential applications for this innovative polycarbonate standing seam system is just being realized in agricultural, industrial, commercial, municipal, governmental, environmental and even residential uses. The LEXAPANEL* standing seam system is an excellent choice for your daylighting needs.

If you would like more product information on the LEXAPANEL* standing seam system, please contact us at 888-602-4441 or send an email to tech.service@ameriluxinternational.com.


* Trademark of SABIC Innovative Plastics IP B.V.

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