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“Versatile LEXAPANEL� Standing Seam Panels”

lexapanel canopyLEXAPANEL� standing seam panels are an innovative polycarbonate technology that delivers reduced costs thanks to the snap-on connection and elimination of aluminum profiles, greatly reducing installation time and expense. The length and width of the polycarbonate panels can be customized to meet a projects load requirements, providing maximum, uninterrupted spans.

LEXAPANEL� delivers the durability, high light transmission, and thermal insulation properties of the LEXAN� THERMOCLEAR� multiwall polycarbonate sheet. The polycarbonate construction provides high quality, diffused daylight, and increased impact strength compared to traditional translucent systems. LEXAPANEL� standing seam panels offer architects, builders, and system integrators the flexibility to create sustainable and beautiful, transparent glazing elements.

lexapanel canopyThe first impression of any building, no matter how simple, is the entry. A LEXAPANEL� canopy is an ideal entrance solution for complimenting a geometric roof slope. Or add a curved shape to the front of a building, cold-forming the panels into a smooth arc for a unique architectural design. The versatility of LEXAPANEL� standing seam panels offers a multitude of design options.

“Wisconsin Solar Design Inc. has utilized LEXAPANEL� polycarbonate standing seam panels from AmeriLux in numerous canopy and skylight applications. Its flexible dimensions, ease of installation, durability, energy performance and attractive appearance open up many possibilities for our architects and engineers, ultimately providing a great value to the clients.”
� Fred L. Holtzman, AIA, PE

If you would like more information on how this system can be used for your next canopy project, please contact us at 888-602-4441 or send an email to


LEXAPANEL is a trademark of SABIC.

Photos Courtesy of Wisconsin Solar Design, Inc.


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