Glen Oaks Library

“American-Architects Building of the Year 2013!”

Key Project Players:

  • Architect: Marble Fairbanks, Brooklyn, NY
  • General Contractor: Summit Construction Services Group, White Plains, NY
  • Channel Glass: Technical Glass Products (TGP), Snoqualmie, WA

glen oaks libraryLocated in the easternmost portion of the New York City Borough of Queens, the new Glen Oaks Branch Library replaces an existing one-story facility with an 18,000 square foot, high-performance, LEED certified building. This state-of-the-art public library has three levels, a sky-lit reading lounge, an outdoor reading space, and a dedicated teen lounge kids floor.

The building area of the new library is double that allowable by residential zoning rules governing the site so half of the interior spaces are placed below grade. The lower level constitutes over fifty percent of the building program including the main adult reading room. Creating a well-lit space below grade was of primary concern for the architect, New York-based Marble Fairbanks.

Three strip skylights in the above ground, outdoor plaza bring natural light in to define specific reading areas within the adult room. Daylighting is also delivered to the reading room by an open, two-story atrium stairwell along the west fa�ade.

The glazing on the west and north facades features both a clear and translucent channel glass curtain wall provided by Technical Glass Products of Snoqualmie, WA (Pilkington Profilit� Channel Glass). The middle portion of the channel glass wall was left clear to allow natural daylight to flood the interior and reach the partially exposed lower level.

glen oaks libraryThe entry vestibule and the second level�s west fa�ade is clad with TGP�s Pilkington Profilit� insulated channel glass system. Each pair of interlocking single-glazed channels is filled with Lumira� aerogel-filled panels, giving portions of the fa�ade an opalescent appearance while adding privacy and reducing solar heat gain. A total of 1,400 sq ft of Lumira� aerogel-filled 16mm polycarbonate provided by AmeriLux International was used in this channel glass system. This vast amount of glazing brings light into the space, providing a visual transparency and a luminous glow at night.

The exceptional thermal performance of Lumira� aerogel helps increase energy efficiency. Lumira aerogel also promotes soft, even light dispersion, reduces unwanted noise and resists condensation. TGP is the exclusive supplier of Lumira� aerogel for channel glass systems in the United States.


Lumira� aerogel is a registered trademark of Cabot Corporation.


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