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Introducing AmeriLux Transportation, LLC

AmeriLux is excited to announce its new Division – AmeriLux Transportation, LLC.

AmeriLux Transportation began in June with the vision of being able to offer our customers additional value-added services. With this, Murray Froelich has joined our team, bringing over 20 years of professional, customer-focused experience in the transportation industry.

With our brand new equipment, including a full 53’ dry-van trailer, AmeriLux Transportation has the ability to operate in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Upper Michigan. From De Pere, Wisconsin, our schedule includes weekly or every-other-week shipments to southwestern Iowa, Chicago, Illinois, and western Wisconsin. This schedule allows us the flexibility to ship our customers’ product and support other customers that have transportation-only needs whether they are full truckloads or less-than truck loads.

If we may assist you with your transportation requirements, please do not hesitate to contact Erik Voss at 888.602.4441 or send him at email at



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Inventory Management – An AmeriLux Core Competency

One of AmeriLux International’s core competencies is Inventory Management. AmeriLux has learned how to thrive in these uncertain economic times through effective inventory management. Like every company, AmeriLux is faced with the continuous challenge to improve the bottom line. As a distributor, it is imperative that we effectively manage our inventory to increase profits. The key is keeping the right “balance” of inventory in our warehouse, making sure the every piece of product stocked leads to a profitable sale.

As we enter the busy building and construction season here at AmeriLux, we know how important it is for our partners to have access to the products they need when they need them. Our ability to keep enough material on hand to meet customer demands, while still keeping costs down, is one of the many ways that AmeriLux brings value to the organizations that we do business with.

From multiwall and corrugated polycarbonate sheet to PVC liner and fiberglass panels, AmeriLux International inventories over three million square feet of quality product for our customers. For more information on this diverse range of products, please visit us online at


Customer Insight

Brought Back by Popular Demand

AmeriLux is excited to announce the return of CoverLite® 6mm Hammered Glass into our product mix.Based on the belief that meeting our customers’ needs is of the utmost importance, CoverLite® 6mm Hammered Glass is back by popular demand.

This CoverLite® 6mm polycarbonate panel offers a special aesthetic look with a light diffusing textured finish. This feature provides privacy and style while allowing natural light in. Characteristics and advantages of the Hammered Glass look are:

  • High-impact strength
  • Self-extinguishing characteristics
  • New modern architectural look
  • Improved light diffusion
  • Good impact resistance
  • Easy installation
  • Heat insulation
  • Light in weight

CoverLite® 6mm Hammered Glass Twin Wall polycarbonate sheet is designed specifically for the following applications: Office Furniture, Office Partitions, Interior Design, Protective Roof, Bathroom Partitions, and Pool Roof Coverings.

Want to learn more about the many uses of the CoverLite® 6mm Hammered Glass polycarbonate sheet? Please call our experienced Customer Service Team at 888.602.4441 for more product information or to place an order.



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Employee Spotlight: Stephanie Bitzan

Since day one, Stephanie Bitzan has been the friendly voice helping customers on the other end of the phone by answering product questions and providing technical information. Over the years, Stephanie has become the resident AmeriLux expert in product specifications, applications and installation, as well as a logistics specialist.

From quoting material and shipping costs to entering orders and facilitating distribution, Stephanie has played an important part in the growth of AmeriLux International, LLC. Stephanie currently serves as a leader in our Customer Relations Department. With the company having grown and matured, Stephanie main focus these days is on providing a superior level of service and support to our customers.

Stephanie, along with the rest of the talented A-Team, has helped build an exciting company well positioned for future success. If you would like to learn more about the products and services offered at AmeriLux International, please visit our website at


From the Desk of...

Discover the Future of Daylighting and Earn CEU Credits

AmeriLux International is a continuing education resource providing course offerings for architects and designers looking to earn CEUs (Continuing Education Units). Our goal is to provide current and informative accredited online continuing education courses for individuals looking to increase their knowledge on a specific subject or to maintain their professional license.

AmeriLux International currently offers an AEC Daily Distance Learning Course and two Continuing Education Webinars. These free courses offer AIA Continuing Education Units HSW (Health, Safety, and Welfare) and also qualify for Sustainable Design.

“Daylighting and Energy Efficiency with “Green” Polycarbonate Solutions” covers the manufacturing process and the many possible uses of polycarbonate, giving specific attention to daylighting opportunities.

“AEC Daily Polycarbonate Sheeting Solutions” is similar to the Daylighting and Energy Efficiency presentation and is offered anytime through AEC Daily.

“Achieving Sustainable Design with Polycarbonate Standing Seam Products” provides an overall understanding of multiwall polycarbonate and the new advancements in technology specific to the standing seam product.

To learn more about these courses, as well as other upcoming webinars, please visit the Distance Learning section of our website.

If a more personable presentation is preferred, we also have several strategic partners located in different parts of the country who are able to give these courses as face-to-face Lunch and Learns on our behalf at your facility. Please call Tim Fikkert for more information at 888.602.4441.

AmeriLux International is committed to educating the Architecture and Construction community on the advantages of daylighting and multiwall sheets. We pride ourselves with providing the Architectural community with the tools they need to be successful!

Betty Reed, Customer Relations Manager


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Meeting the Demands for Increased Energy Efficiency in Living and Working Environments

40mm Opal Thermoclick*

Lexan* Thermoclick* sheets provide the building and construction industry with new ways to meet the demands for increased energy efficiency in living and working environments. These high-performance, impact resistant, multiwall polycarbonate sheets are designed with a tongue and groove connection, including a groove for double-sided tie on the inside. This interlocking system eliminates the need for vertical profiles, thereby savings costs and enhancing aesthetics.

The Lexan* Thermoclick* interlocking sheet system not only helps customers reduce heating and cooling costs, but also cuts energy usage and CO2 emissions, benefiting the environment. Lexan* Thermoclick sheets allow designs that are visually striking yet extremely practical. Installation costs are low because the product is designed using custom-made configurations for fast on-site assembly.

40mm Blue Thermoclick*

This specially designed interlocking sheet system is available in 40mm and 50mm thicknesses and is backed with a 10-year limited warranty against loss of light transmission, discoloration, and breakage. Lexan* Thermoclick* sheets are an excellent choice for a multitude of architectural glazing applications.

If you would like to learn more about how Lexan* Thermoclick sheets can increase the energy efficiency of your next project, please call our knowledgeable sales staff at 888.602.4441 or Click Here to email your project details.



Architects' Viewpoint

How Daylighting Affects Us

At AmeriLux, we have a strong commitment to continuing education. Like my fellow teammates, it is important that I keep my knowledge base current to best serve our customers. This May I had the opportunity to attend a course at Lightfair in Las Vegas. Lightfair is an annual architectural and commercial lighting show that also offers courses in daylighting. The course that I attended was titled “Circadian Correct Daylighting: Connecting the Dots between Health Science & Practical Application”.

This event also presented me with an opportunity to strengthen our partnership with one of our partners, Wasco Skylights. I was able to attend the course with Alan Kinne, a professional engineer at Wasco. This was a great opportunity for me to learn with an experienced business partner in the daylighting community, and discuss how these topics apply to our use of polycarbonate daylighting. To learn more about Wasco Skylights, please visit their website at

The course was presented by James Benya and Deborah Burnett, who have a combined 70 years of daylighting and design experience. Although the presentation covered a wide range of information, the common themes were clear. The most notable of those themes was simple: We must question and analyze our design decisions. The effects of natural and artificial light have very real impacts on human health and behavior. How we sleep, eat, and the chemicals that run the everyday functions of our bodies are directly and indirectly affected by light. This strong connection is just one reason the proper design of daylighting is important. What may seem like positive design decisions can result in negatives such as improper light levels, glare, overheating and more. These negatives can have serious health implications beyond human discomfort.

What I took away from this course is that proper daylighting is not a one size fits all solution. To maximize the positive effects of daylighting, products and systems should not be used just because they are in the “master specification” or because they were was used in the past. Designers today have almost unlimited access to resources. Leveraging these resources in the right way can help designers make the right design decisions for their specific projects. With extensive experience in multiwall polycarbonate, AmeriLux is one of those knowledgeable resources. At AmeriLux, we welcome your project questions from design to completion. Challenge our professional staff with an opportunity to achieve results for you. Please feel free to contact us by calling 888.602.4441 or by an email to

Tim Fikkert, AIA