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Building Expansion Update

With the building exterior almost finished, it is easy to see the actual size and unique features of the warehouse expansion. Masonry on the front of the new addition is complete and looking great – matching the existing building perfectly. The result is a seamless transition from old to new. On the north and west elevations, 40mm Blue Lexan* Thermoclick* was installed to match the existing warehouse. Lexan* Thermoclick* is an excellent way to bring daylight into a building and a practical way to provide natural light for our warehouse team. (To learn more about Lexan* Thermoclick*, please Click Here.)

Progress is now being made on the building’s interior. The structural steel is being painted white to match the insulation, giving the addition a clean, finished appearance. Electrical conduit is being installed to run through for lighting. The use of web joists in the construction created a center span wide enough to accommodate the slitter table and full 48’ length sheets. This unobstructed space will allow the warehouse crew to process orders of all sizes quickly and efficiently.

Construction of the addition is coming along as scheduled, with the completion date expected for the third week in September. After the completion of the building expansion, the City of De Pere will conduct a final inspection and upon approval, issue a Certificate of Occupancy. Once an occupancy permit has been obtained, racking will be setup and the inventory stored currently outside in trailers will be moved inside.

Follow our building expansion progress by visiting our website for up-to-date photos and information.


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Logistics: An Opportunity to Serve the Customer

While attending college six years ago, Laura Carter started working for AmeriLux as a part-time landscaper. She trimmed bushes, pulled weeds, top dressed mulch and watered plants.  After graduating from college, Laura continued to work part-time for AmeriLux in the warehouse crating department. With hard work, attention to detail, and strong organizational skills, she quickly became a leader in her department and joined the company full-time.

Laura was promoted to Shipping and Receiving Manager in January 2011. With her experience in order facilitation and knowledge of the shipping process, Laura fit perfectly into this role. From scheduling material pick-ups to creating bills of lading to receiving incoming containers of product, Laura oversees all aspects of inbound and outbound shipments; ensuring that all transactions are handled in the most efficient manner.

Along with the entire AmeriLux team, Laura understands the importance of building customer relationships. When asked how her role adds customer service value, she responded by saying “Anytime a shipping issue arises, whether it’s rush-orders, damage, loss, or rerouting, I work diligently with our local carriers to find a solution for the customer. My goal is to get our products in the hands of our customers as soon as possible and to make sure that any issues that occur in the shipping process don’t delay a project’s deadline.”

Customers rely on AmeriLux to ship products in a timely, cost-effective manner. Laura is working hard behind the scenes to make sure that shipping process is as seamless and efficient as possible. If you have any questions about shipping and receiving, please feel free to contact Laura at 920-336-9300.


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Daylighting Benefits of Pilkington Profilit™ and Lumira® aerogel

Located in Seattle, Washington’s Freemont District, Building 115 is multi-faceted structure combining a home, an office, a workspace, and a retail environment into one artistic yet functional mixed-use building. Building 115 was developed by builder/owner Dave Boone of dBoone Construction and designed by Graham Baba Architects of Seattle.

The challenge with Building 115 was to find a structurally stable, yet aesthetic material that would allow as much light in as possible during the day and also act as a lantern at night – balancing transparency with privacy. The solution was Technical Glass Products’ (Snoqualmie, WA) Pilkington Profilit™ channel glass system, insulated with Lumira® aerogel-filled, multiwall polycarbonate panels. Approximately 550 square feet of Opal Lumira® aerogel was incorporated between the channels to diffuse natural light, provide thermal insulation and reduce noise from the adjacent busy street.

According to Ron Madeley, TGP Project Manager, “The Building 115 project was unusual as it consisted of some challenging intersections and materials integration both into and behind the channel glass wall that had never all come together in a single project before. With glass corners, integral vision lights, and stepped transitions spanning floors in the building – the layout had to be perfect.”

The partnership of Graham Baba Architects, dBoone Construction and TGP resulted in an award-winning modern design. A design that brings attention to all of the daylighting benefits of Pilkington Profilit™ and Lumira® aerogel from enhanced energy performance, improved quality of light, sound dampening, and design flexibility.

For more information on Pilkinton Profilit™, please visit To learn more about the work of Graham Baba Architects, please visit

If you would like more information on the benefits of using Lumira® aerogel-filled panels in your next project, please call AmeriLux International at 800-602-4441 or email


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Providing Educational Opportunites About Polycarbonate

AmeriLux International offers an extensive product line of high-performing materials for today’s construction industry. Innovative products such as, Lexan* Thermoclick*, Lexapanel* and Lumira® aerogel-filled panels offer many distinct advantages over the competition’s. Educating the construction industry on the many ways these products can be used is key to expanding the use of polycarbonate in architectural daylighting design.

The AmeriLux team is constantly looking for new opportunities to educate and inform the industry about our product offerings. By providing system integrators with educational and promotional materials, they can effectively promote and install products and systems. Educational programs on the benefits of polycarbonate and specific products are also offered to sales teams, designers, contractors, and end-users. This model of providing a full spectrum of support and education allows us to teach everyone involved in a project the benefits of using AmeriLux products.

If you would like to take advantage of our Distance Learning Program, we offer webinars and other resources about multiwall polycarbonate that can be scheduled to fit your needs. Presentations can be customized to the information you and your partners need. Courses for CEU’s are also available. Please contact us at 888-602-4441 to take advantage of these educational resources or to join our information network. AmeriLux not only provides the products but the service and education to ensure they are used to the fullest!

Tim Fikkert, AIA