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Building Expansion Update

The final phases of the building expansion are underway.

amerilux building expansionThe subcontractors work is nearing completion. A fire protection system, consisting of a series of pipes and sprinklers suspended from the ceiling, has been installed. Installation of overhead heaters completes the HVAC work. Ceiling lights now fully illuminate the warehouse. The structural steel throughout the expansion has been painted a bright white and a safety yellow was painted on the columns and bollards. Trim work finishes off the two openings connecting the existing building to the new expansion. Tile installation is underway in the new restrooms.

amerilux building expansionWall mounted lighting was added to the exterior of the expansion for safety and security. Black top was laid on the back of the expansion for increased parking and truck access. Next week, additional blacktop will be installed on both the east and west sides and the final landscape will take shape.

A certificate of occupancy was granted after a final building inspection. With that approval, the new racking system is being installed maximizing vertical space in the new expansion. amerilux building expansionThis additional racking space will allow us to increase inventory levels and provide us with opportunities to add several new products, further diversifying our product and service offerings.

Brian Peters, Director of Operations at AmeriLux International, is very excited the expansion project is in its final phases of completion. “We are very pleased with the work done by the contractors, “Brian said. “They performed the work in a timely manner with the highest standards of workmanship. That being said, the expansion project will be completed ahead of schedule.”

Follow our building expansion progress by visiting our website for up-to-date photos and information.


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Sending a Message

Marketing and Communications at AmeriLux

In March of 2010, Cassie Geiger joined the AmeriLux Team, bringing with her over 25 years of project management and graphic design experience. A marketer by education, Cassie was looking to join a growing, innovative company and was seeking opportunities for professional growth and development. Little did she know how much AmeriLux would be able to offer her.

In early 2012, AmeriLux identified an opportunity to provide its customers with marketing and communication services. The position of Marketing and Communications Manager was formed within the Business Development Unit at AmeriLux to serve this need and to concentrate on the branding and identify efforts of the company. Cassie’s passion for marketing and design work, coupled with her customer service experience, made her a prime candidate for this position. In her new role as Marketing and Communications Manager, Cassie is now able to concentrate her energies on communicating the AmeriLux brand to its customers. From updating and enhancing the website to creating a monthly newsletter, Cassie seeks to improve the customer experience by providing AmeriLux’s partners with current, relevant information.

AmeriLux is committed to supporting its partners by providing a wide range of information, marketing materials, product knowledge, and training. AmeriLux continues to focus on exceptional customer service and helping its partners grow their businesses. For marketing support and/or reference materials, please feel free to contact Cassie Geiger directly at 920-336-9300 or email her at


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Customer Spotlight: SABIC Polymershapes

AmeriLux International and SABIC Polymershapes share a common and important goal: Educating the market on the features and benefits of multiwall polycarbonate. Armed with the market’s premier brand, Lexan* Thermoclear*, both companies work together to incorporate polycarbonate into daylighting, roofing, design, and other building applications. AmeriLux International and SABIC Polymershapes are well-positioned to meet the needs of its global customers; both in the terms of geography and in providing exceptional customer service, innovative polycarbonate solutions, and products that deliver outstanding value.

Educating architects, engineers, contractors, and other key decision makers on the advantages of multiwall polycarbonate over other glazing materials has played a pivotal role in the collective success of AmeriLux and SABIC Polymershapes. In addition to this, SABIC Polymershapes takes pride in its ability to keep and manage inventory, ensuring that its customers have access to quality, affordable products whenever they need them.

With more than 70 branches in North America, SABIC Polymershapes is a leading distributor of plastic materials and related products and serves customers in the image, transportation, industrial, and building and construction industries. For additional information, you are encouraged to visit

* Trademark of SABIC Innovative Plastics IP B.V.


Architects' Viewpoint

Importance of Product Testing: Achieving a Higher Standard

While attending the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, I had the privilege to take the class “Heat and Moisture in Buildings” with Professor Bill Rose. This class was my first exposure to the physical and computer-testing methods used in the building industry and played a large role in my developing interest in building performance and verification.

Years later, now an architect working for AmeriLux International, the concepts and methods first introduced in that class are more important than ever. The requirements of the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), sustainable building codes, and performance verification are increasing rapidly. AmeriLux International, Sabic Innovative Plastics, the Lumira® aerogel Consortium, and Systems Integrator partners recognize this importance. Together, these organizations are working to provide accurate and verifiable information for designers and end users.

As outlined by the NRFC, third party testing has been completed on several product lines such as: Lexapanel*, 25mm 5-wall Lexan* Thermoclear*, and Lumira® aerogel-filled panels. Additionally, third party testing for water infiltration, hurricane protection and other requirements have also been completed. By providing Systems Integrators with accurate data on these products, they are able to develop systems and solutions with confidence and designers have increased options for achieving high standards.

With the need to design and construct high-performing buildings, accurate internal and external testing is becoming increasingly important. AmeriLux International and its partners are committed to providing the necessary information and verification for our products. Our tests database will continue to expand as needs are addressed and products are improved.

If you are looking for more information on our architectural products or have specific project or testing needs, please call me at 888.602.4441 or send an email to

Tim Fikkert, AIA