101 Uses of Polycarbonate

101 Uses of Polycarbonate: #19 Conservatory

Solar Control for Energy Efficiency!

The major cause of heat gain and heat loss in conservatories is the roof. LEXAN™ Solar Control polycarbonate sheets provide the right combination between light diffusion and ideal temperature. This right combination keeps light transmission (LT) as high as possible while selectively blocking infrared waves from the visible light to get a low solar transmission (ST).

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Architects' Viewpoint

Alternative Uses for Multiwall Polycarbonate

When contacting architects and designers, it’s always interesting to hear about alternatives uses for multiwall polycarbonate products. Sometimes this is only brainstorming discussion. Other times, the conversation is about possible real life applications that have not yet been tried in the real world. Speaking from experience, architects love finding unique and exciting uses for materials.

Translucent glazing is the most common use of multiwall polycarbonate. The strength, clarity, and added thermal performance of a multiwall polycarbonate structure make it a natural fit for this type of application. Even thought bringing natural light into buildings is a great use of multiwall polycarbonate, it would be a disservice to not explore other uses.

Interior applications provide almost limitless opportunities for polycarbonate use. Multiwall polycarbonate can be used to replace safety glass in guardrails, create translucent partitions, or for printed visual displays. Polycarbonate is already used as a common alternative in light fixtures.

Adding a textural element to an interior space is easy with the variety of multiwall polycarbonate structures and colors available. Polycarbonates endless design uses can truly create one of a kind interiors. Rather than just selecting from a standard product line, multiwall polycarbonate offers designers a desired flexibility to use the material as they see fit. Often it is through these unique applications that the true character of a product is discovered.

Below are a couple of examples of unique polycarbonate applications:

LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™ panels were used at Wild Blue Technologies, an innovative strategic design company located in De Pere, WI, to separate a kitchen from the employee fitness space. Images were designed and selected by the employees and direct printed on the polycarbonate panels.

LEXAN™ THERMOCLICK™ was used to create the partitions and divide the space in this SABIC trade show booth. THERMOCLICK™ is light in weight and can easily be disassembled. Like the blue chosen for this booth display, a variety of colors are available to create a custom “branded” look.

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Tim Fikkert, AIA


101 Uses of Polycarbonate

101 Uses of Polycarbonate: #47 Interior Signage

A Unique and Versatile Option!

Multiwall polycarbonate is an excellent choice for indoor signage applications because it is light in weight, has exceptional durability, and can be easily fabricated. A unique and versatile option, multiwall polycarbonate signs allow light to shine through while maintaining flexibility. There are also various options for printing on polycarbonate, including screen and digital printing. Popular applications for polycarbonate signage include warning and safety messages, ADA signs, operator or consumer instructions and branding and product communications.


Customer Insight

Reflecting on 2012 – Customer Relationships

As we reflect on 2012, there were numerous accomplishments that we are proud of.  At the core of our accomplishments are the relationships and partnerships we have forged with our Customers.

At AmeriLux, one of our core values is that we have a win-win partnership with our Customers, Suppliers, and Stakeholders.  To gauge this with our Customers, we conducted a satisfaction survey in September and the results were resoundingly positive.  For those that responded,

  • 100% of our Customers, on an overall basis, are satisfied with AmeriLux, with 74% of the respondents being highly satisfied.
  • 97% of our Customers would recommend AmeriLux.
  • When asked to define AmeriLux, the three most prominent responses were 1) Easy to do business with, 2) Customer-focused, and 3) Trustworthy.

On behalf of all of our employees, thank you for your continued support and trust that we are committed to being even better in 2013.


101 Uses of Polycarbonate

101 Uses of Polycarbonate: #34 Exterior Window Covering

Stronger than a glass pane!

exterior window coveringReplace glass windows in exterior doors or windows with multiwall polycarbonate. Multiwall polycarbonate windows are strong, lightweight, and impact resistant over a wide range of temperatures. The force required to break a polycarbonate window is substantially greater than a normal glass window. Multiwall polycarbonate panels can easily be cut into any size window using a circular saw with a fine tooth panel blade.

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Admin Updates

Recap of Operations 2012

The warehouse team at AmeriLux International has made huge strides in 2012 improving the day-to-day productivity and efficiency of operations. This higher operational efficiency has boosted profit margins and cut costs even amid these uncertain economic times. Big Kudos to Brian Peters, Director of Operations, and his team!

Adapting successfully to these changing times, AmeriLux not only expanded its workforce this year but also its De Pere, Wisconsin facility. This year’s investment in a 21,000 square foot expansion to AmeriLux’s fabrication and distribution facility has allowed for the consolidation of inventory from multiple locations and trailer storage units.

With the additional floor space, AmeriLux is now able to increase its inventory levels and keep on hand a larger selection of in stock inventory. “There was a significant challenge to track the quantity and location of individual SKUs housed in multiple locations,” said Brian. “Now that most of our inventory is in-house, we have a much better handle on our inventory management. We have also been able to enjoy increased productivity and accuracy in the warehouse.”

Moving forward in 2013 with its strategic growth plans, AmeriLux is committed to growing and improving its business to meet the needs of its customers.


Admin Updates

Upcoming Webinar: December 20th “Vertical Translucent Glazing”

Vertical Translucent Glazing with Tongue and Grove Multiwall Polycarbonate Systems

Webinar is scheduled for Thursday, December 20th, 1:00 pm EST | 12:00 pm CST | 11:00 am MST | 10:00 am PST.

This webinar provides an introduction to multiwall polycarbonate and its features. The primary focus is the use of tongue and grove polycarbonate as a vertical daylighting system. An overview of the general benefits and key components of daylighting and sustainability will be provided.

This webinar also goes in-depth on the use of vertical polycarbonate glazing systems including the performance of polycarbonate and a variety of systems and methods for using polycarbonate.

Our free online, one-hour education webinar qualifies for one AIA learning unit. We will report learning units to the AIA and provide a certificate that can be used to track continued education to everyone that attends this seminar. Click HERE to learn more!

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