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Glass Block

“A Timeless Building Material”

glass blockSolid glass block is a non-load bearing building material. Used most often as an architectural element in both commercial and residential construction, glass block is considered a practical aspect of design because natural light can be filtered in.

Translucent glass blocks are becoming more and more popular for interior and exterior decoration purposes such as basement windows, shower enclosures, floors or pavers, interior office partitions, and architectural accents.

Glass block offers excellent performance benefits in noise reduction, insulation, maintenance, waterproofing, energy conservation, durability, and privacy protection.

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What is Multiwall Polycarbonate?

product_imagesIt is a polycarbonate sheet consisting of two or more layers depending on the thickness of the sheet. Multiwall polycarbonate sheets are produced through an extrusion process. A screw driven extruder heats and pushes the polycarbonate material through dyes. The result is a lightweight sheet with a fluted internal structure, high impact strength, and superior thermal insulation. Polycarbonate multiwall sheets are fabricated in a variety of profiles such as two-wall, three-wall, five-wall and five-wall x-structure.

Also, called “cellular polycarbonate” or “polycarbonate structural sheet”.


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The Cassandra Voss Center

“Skylights Add a Contemporary Look to a Historic College Campus Building in WI”

Nestled on the banks of the Fox River in De Pere, WI sits a small liberal arts college dedicated to changing the world by graduating educated, passionate and empowered students. St. Norbert College is a beautiful ninety-three acre college comprised of thirty-seven buildings. Among them, the former St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church built in 1883. Today, it is in its final stages of being transformed into the Cassandra Voss Center; a tribute to the spirited legacy of Cassandra Voss who passed away in a tragic car accident in 2007 at age 21.

Cassandra Voss CenterThe center will house the college’s Women and Gender Studies academic discipline, the Joan P. Schaupp Women’s Center, the Men’s Initiative, and play host to a number of other student programs and activities. Cassie would have been the first student to graduate from St. Norbert with a degree in Women’s and Gender Studies. She was also pursuing a major in English and a minor in Art. Cassie often talked about creating a space on campus for all gender-related programming.

One of the goals in the renovation was to preserve the building’s historic nature while offering a modern look and conveniences.  Green Bay based Howard Immel Inc. served as the project’s general contractor. The renovated building includes classrooms, offices, a lounge, a full kitchen, and a “reflection room – for Hope” in the former church’s bell tower.

Cassandra Voss CenterThe bell tower offered a unique opportunity to create a reflection room that would be quieter that the spaces around it. To enhance this space, the church’s old belfry was capped with an amazing skylight to let in natural daylight. Wasco Skylights, Wells, ME, designed the skylight framing system. The skylight is glazed with 16mm LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™ multiwall polycarbonate filled with Lumira® aerogel. This material was the ideal choice for this tranquil space and provides glare-free, diffused light and also helps to reduce sound.

Restoring the St. John’s building to reflect its spiritual roots and increasing the natural daylighting was important in the architectural design. In combining the old with the new, Wasco Skylights designed a contemporary “atrium-like” skylight that gives the stairway to the second level a “feeling of space and light”. Cassandra Voss CenterCombining 25mm LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™ multiwall polycarbonate Lumira® aerogel-filled panels with unfilled panels helps to eliminate interior hot spots while still allowing for incredible views of downtown De Pere. In addition, a “cross” built into the design of the framing system provides a beautiful spiritual component to the exterior look of the building.

Both the bell tower skylight and the front entrance skylight were installed by the highly admired H.J. Martin & Son, Inc. of Green Bay, WI. Given the age of the building and the complexities of this project, the team at H.J. did a fantastic job assembling the framework and found the lightweight, impact resistant, UV protected polycarbonate panels easy to handle and install.

The combination of multiwall polycarbonate panels and environmentally friendly Lumira® aerogel is a unique balance of cost, thermal performance, acoustic performance, visual comfort, and aesthetics. To learn more, please CLICK HERE to visit our website.

LEXAN THERMOCLEAR is a trademark of SABIC.


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Free Webinar Scheduled for September 17th

Webinar Title: Daylighting with Aerogel-Filled Multiwall Polycarbonate

This free on-line education course provides an overview of aerogel and details how filling multiwall polycarbonate with aerogel can create an extremely high-performing glazing panel. Aerogel-filled panels can provide cost-effective insulation, sound dampening, design flexibility, and improve the quality of light.

The webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, September 17th at 12:00 pm CST. Please click here to learn more and to register for this course.


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Frequently Asked Polycarbonate Question

Q:  Can you walk on polycarbonate sheets during installation?

A:  It is not recommended to walk directly on polycarbonate sheets. Polycarbonate sheeting is not intended to support the weight of a person. Use stepping ladders or place crawling boards between two or more rafters to create a path for walking.