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40_50mm_Lexan_ThermoclickThe cost of heating and cooling is reaching new levels. The building and construction industry is continually looking for new alternatives to increase energy efficiency; products that meet the today’s demands for increased energy efficiency in living and working environments. LEXAN™ THERMOCLICK™ sheet systems not only help customers reduce their heating and cooling costs, but also cut their energy usage and CO2 emissions – benefiting the environment while letting light into a space.

Available in 40 and 50 mm thickness, LEXAN™ THERMOCLICK™ sheets offer excellent light transmission and diffusion characteristics, high impact strength and superior thermal insulation. The specially designed tongue and groove inter-connecting system eliminates the need for vertical profiles, thereby saving on installation costs and enhancing aesthetics.

LEXAN™ THERMOCLICK™ sheets are perfect for applications such as cladding and facades of residences, commercial buildings, office buildings, and warehouses.

If you would like more information on the LEXAN™ THERMOCLICK™ sheet system, please click here.

LEXAN THERMOCLICK is a trademark of SABIC.




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DIY Tip of the Month

Pre-drilling fixing holes

predrillTemperature change causes expansion and contraction therefore allowance must be made for thermal movement. Pre-drilling is an important step in the installation process to ensure the polycarbonate sheets will have room to expand and contract. Pre-drill fixing holes by at least 5/64” larger than the screw. Polycarbonate sheets can be drilled with any kind of metal power drill at a low speed. Make sure to clamp the sheet to avoid vibrations or movement while operating the drill.



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Polycarbonate Terms

Thermal Expansion: An increase in sheet length in response to a change in temperature.

Thermal Contraction: A decrease in sheet length in response to a change in temperature.

Polycarbonate sheets expand and contract under the influence of temperature change. Allowance for this difference must be taken into consideration by the system used to mount the sheets. As a rule of thumb, 120” of polycarbonate with expand/contract ½” over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.


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Daylighting & Energy Efficiency with “Green” Polycarbonate Solutions

Webinar scheduled for Tuesday, March 25th @ 12:00 pm CST

This free online education course provides an in depth look into the many possible uses of polycarbonate. Topics discussed during this one hour program include:

  • Manufacturing process
  • Sustainability
  • Design options including colors and sizes
  • Daylighting and thermal resistance values
  • Aerogel options for increase R Values while maintaining high light transmittance.
  • Strength and durability
  • Flame tests
  • Benefits over glass and Fiberglas reinforced plastic (FRP)
  • Skylight, roofing, and vertical applications

Click here to learn more and register for the webinar:


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“A Shining Example of Perseverance”

Employee Spotlight: Jim Voss

Jim VossTo live “Up” in a “Down” economy takes perseverance. No one knows that better than warehouse A-Team member Jim Voss. Finding himself without a job because of the recent economic downturn, Jim took a part-time position with AmeriLux in the fall of 2012 to make ends meet.

The final phases of the 21,000 square foot warehouse expansion were well underway when Jim joined the warehouse team. Jim was hired to help with setting up the new addition; the time-consuming tasks of rack assembly and moving inventory.

Finding a job in today’s economy can be tough and it’s easy to get discouraged. Instead of being discouraged by his “part-time” job status, Jim chose to seize the opportunity to show initiative, be proactive, and get things done without waiting for someone else to tell him. Jim’s diligence and hard work did not go unnoticed. When a full-time warehouse position became available, Jim was offered the job and was later promoted to the position of Team Leader. His responsibilities include overseeing the facilitation of orders for one of AmeriLux’s largest key accounts.

“It’s been a very rewarding experience working with this quality-focused warehouse team and to see my hard work pay off”, said Jim. “Believe in yourself. Keep going. Keep trying, because eventually it will pay off.”


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Frequently Asked Product Question

Q: How do you cut corrugated polycarbonate sheets?

A: A circular saw is best for straight, long cuts. Use either a vertical band saw or hand-held jigsaw for curved cutting. In all cases, a fine-toothed blade should always be used. Cutting should be done at a high speed but low advance rate. If making a pointed turn, first drill a hole where the two cuts are to intersect and then cut through the hole. Before cutting, sheets should be properly supported along the trim line and clamped to minimize vibration. Clean powder or debris off of sheet prior to installation.



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Studio One, LLC

“Polycarbonate Panels fill Housatonic Artist Studio with Natural Daylight”

Studio One LLCOnce a mill village, Housatonic, MA is now home to a thriving artist community. At present, there are three commercial galleries and over thirty artist studios, many located in the Housatonic Mill Revitalization Overlay District.

Designed by AF Architecture, Studio One is one of many beautifully renovated historic buildings in the Revitalization District. Originally constructed in the 1890’s, this former textile mill was recently converted into a single family residence with an amazing studio space.

Working with EXTECH/Exterior Technologies, Inc. and AmeriLux International, the architectural design firm chose a 40mm LEXAN™ THERMOCLICK™ polycarbonate sheet system as their daylighting solution for this renovation project. With a specially designed tongue and groove connection, LEXAN™ THERMOCLICK™ installs quickly, offers very high thermal insulation, and is available in a wide range of colors and aesthetic effects.

Click here to read the full article.