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Polycarbonate Term


Multiwall polycarbonate is defined by two or more layers of polycarbonate sheeting attached by perpendicular supports. “Flutes” are formed by these vertical interior walls within the layers. These flutes trap air, thus making this hollow structure an excellent thermal barrier. Flutes also help to keep the weight low and give the sheet its strength with long spanning capabilities.




DIY Tip of the Month

When multiwall polycarbonate is cut to size, small particles of dust or plastic may become lodged in the open flutes. It is important that this debris be cleared from the flutes before installation. Remove debris with a vacuum or compressed air. Do not flush the flutes with water because it may take a long time to dry out.


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Frequently Asked Product Question:

Q: What is the difference between “corrugated polycarbonate” and multiwall polycarbonate” sheet profiles?

A: Corrugated polycarbonate is a single layer sheet characterized by either a wave or box-type profile, similar in design to metal roofing sheets with “peaks and valleys”.

Multiwall polycarbonate is characterized by a rectangular hollow structure “flutes” that run the length of the sheet. Multiwall sheets are fabricated in many configurations such as twin-wall, three-wall, five-wall and five-wall x-structure.


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“Developing Partnerships with a Mix of Sales, Relationship Management, and Strategy”

Employee Spotlight: “Travis Vanden Heuvel”

travis_vanden_heuvelTravis Vanden Heuvel has been with AmeriLux since May of 2011. As the Director of Business Development, Travis’ focus is to build and grow relationships by fully understanding the needs of AmeriLux’s partners and working to create cost-effective solutions to meet those needs. In addition to enhancing the relationships with current customers, Travis is responsible for developing new business opportunities. This includes pursuing new markets, working to develop new products, and coordinating with the Operations Team to enhance existing services.

Travis is also a member of the AmeriLux Executive Committee. He works with the company’s Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, General Manager, and Director of Operations – with direction from the Chief Executive Officer – on strategic planning and company-wide growth initiatives.



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An Ideal “Fill Solution” for Polycarbonate Daylighting Systems

Lumira® aerogel-filled Polycarbonate Sheets

Windows, skylights, and openings greatly impact the energy efficiency of a building. Energy efficient daylighting systems can substantially reduce energy costs and provide a great return on investment.

lumira-pileLumira® aerogel-filled polycarbonate sheets offer architects and building owners an effective way to utilize Lumira® aerogel’s thermal performance and light diffusion. When Lumira® aerogel is combined with the diverse nature of multiwall polycarbonate it allows for greater design flexibility and can substantially improve the performance, application, and durability of glazing systems.

Increasing daylighting in buildings has long been a goal in architectural design. Studies show that daylight spaces increase productivity and learning rates, decrease absenteeism, and promote happier, healthier work and educational environments. Lumira® aerogel-filled polycarbonate daylighting systems have been incorporated in building designs in a wide range of applications illuminating workplaces, schools, hospitals, homes, and retail environments with natural, diffused light.

Incorporating Lumira® aerogel into a building’s daylighting system can assist in the challenge of meeting today’s strict energy code requirements. Call today to learn how you can transform your next daylighting project into an environmentally friendly, energy-efficient solution.


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Distance Learning Opportunity | Free Webinar in April!

Webinar Title: Improving Working Environments

This one-hour course provides an in depth look into Polycarbonate and PVC solutions for improving working environments. Addressing both past and present issues found in warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Specific attention is given to energy efficient daylighting systems that can substantially reduce energy costs and provide a great return on investment.

trusscore_webinar lexapanel_webinarTopics to be discussed include:

Warehouse & Manufacturing:

  • Buildings of yesteryear and the issues with the past
  • Buildings of today and the issues with the present

Polycarbonate and PVC Solutions to address:

  • Cost $$$$
  • Glare and light quality
  • Light quantity
  • Breakage and durability
  • Maintenance and clean appearance

Available Webinar Times:

Thursday, April 17, 12:00 pm EST | 11:00 am CST | 10:00 am MST | 9:00 am PST | Click here to register

Tuesday, April 22, 1:00 pm EST | 12:00 pm CST | 11:00 am MST | 10:00 am PST | Click here to register



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Glen Oaks | Queens Library

Glen Oaks LibraryLocated in the easternmost portion of the New York City Borough of Queens, the new Glen Oaks Branch Library replaces an existing one-story facility with an 18,000 square foot, high-performance, LEED certified building.

The entry vestibule and the second level’s west façade are clad with TGP’s Pilkington Profilit™ insulated channel glass system. Each pair of interlocking single-glazed channels is filled with Lumira® aerogel-filled 16mm polycarbonate panels. The exceptional thermal performance of Lumira® aerogel helps increase energy efficiency and promotes soft, even light dispersion, reduces unwanted noise and resists condensation.

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