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Happy Thanksgiving!

give-thanksIt’s that time of year to give thanks.  A time to give thanks for family, friends, and all that is good in our lives. In celebration of Thanksgiving Day, here’s what some of the members of the A-Team are thankful for:

  • Aaron Vanden Heuvel (DC Team): “I am thankful for great children, family, and a challenging job.”
  • Patrick Gauthier (General Manager): “I am thankful for all the support we receive from our internal and external customers.”
  • Chris Cutcher (DC Team): “I’m thankful for my job because last year at this time I did not have one!”
  • Stephanie Bitzan (Customer Relations Mgr): “This Thanksgiving  I’m going to take a few minutes to sit quietly and just be thankful for all that I have: My life, my family, our health, the bounty that will be set before us. I will look at everyone in my family and be completely thankful I am part of them and they are part of me.”
  • Laura Leiterman (Shipping & Inventory Control): “My support system. With them I can get through anything!”
  • Erik Voss (Transportation Mgr & Inside Sales): “I am thankful for working on a team with people who genuinely care about each other.”
  • Ray Guns (DC Team): “Thanksgiving is a time to get together with family and friends to thank God for all of the blessings we have.”
  • Ann Trinka (Staff Accountant): “I am thankful for having God in my life and all the blessings he has bestowed upon me and my family.”

All of us at AmeriLux International would like to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving. May you enjoy the day with the ones you cherish the most. Have a happy, safe, and healthy holiday!

We will be closed Thanksgiving Day and Friday. We will return the Monday after Thanksgiving.


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DIY Tip of the Month

A lean-to greenhouse, sunroom, or carport is easy to install. Attach polycarbonate roofing sheets to the existing structure with flashing. Run the top edge of the flashing up under your house siding. You can visit a local sheet metal shop for this item. They should be able to fabricate the flashing for your specific needs.


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FAQ: How thick is a corrugated sheet?

KovacevicEast_awningFrequently Asked Question

Q: How thick is a corrugated polycarbonate sheet?

A: CoverLite® MR9” and MR12” corrugated polycarbonate sheets are .035 inches thick. LEXAN™ Greca (square wave) corrugated sheets are .033 inches thick. Corrugated polycarbonate panels make excellent coverings for a patio, deck, or greenhouse, allowing filtered light through while providing protection from the elements.


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Understanding the Yellowing Index

“Polycarbonate Greenhouse Coverings”

There are many factors to consider when choosing a glazing material for a greenhouse. Factors to weigh are durability, light transmission, ease of installation, insulating qualities, longevity, and cost.

weathering_performance_chart_Rev2Why is understanding the Yellowing Index important?  When used as a glazing material, polycarbonate sheets are exposed to the sun’s UV (ultra-violet) rays. The yellowing of a polycarbonate sheet is a visual sign of the degradation of the sheet’s surface due to UV exposure.

What is the Yellowing Index? The Yellowing Index (YI) is spectrometric data used to determine the difference in color of a product at any given point in the products life cycle to that of the original product. This can be due to sunlight or an artificial source of light.

The Yellowing Index is measured in terms of “Delta YI”. (Delta YI = Change in Yellowness Index.) The YI testing involves a series of comparative measurement and analysis over a given period of time. A Delta YI of <5 is typically not detectable by the human eye.

UV protected polycarbonate versus non-protected polycarbonate. Many advances in polycarbonate technology have occurred over the last few decades. Since the sun’s ultra-violet rays are a key factor to panels yellowing, incorporating a high performance UV protective layer will prolong the lifespan of a polycarbonate sheet.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the factors listed above:

  • Durability. Damage caused by UV rays decreases the impact resistance of a polycarbonate sheet. This increases the potential for impact damage. Today’s polycarbonate sheets are designed to withstand UV rays and years of abuse.
  • Light Transmission. The primary purpose of a glazing material is to allow as much light to enter the greenhouse as possible. Light is fundamental to greenhouse production. The loss of light transmission directly impacts the growth of a plant/yield of a crop. Quality polycarbonate sheets will retain their high light transmission values.
  • Longevity. A product’s warranty will give a good indication of the polycarbonate sheets lifespan and what is covered. Polycarbonate warranties speak to the change in the yellowness over a period of time that the product is exposed to light. Starting from the original color of the material, the warranty will specify how far from the original color the product will yellow over a period of time. The higher the Delta YI, the more yellow the product is from the original color.
  • Cost. Multiwall polycarbonate sheets contribute to a range of energy reduction strategies, from solar heat and UV control to improved thermal insulation. The lightweight sheets are easy to transport, install, and can be fabricated on site, lowering labor costs. Resins used to make polycarbonate are specially developed with flame retardant properties, translating into lower insurance rates. There may be an initial cost but the high performance characteristics will pay for themselves over time.

LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™ 15 has a proprietary UV-protected surface, giving the polycarbonate sheet superior resistance to outdoor weathering.  The sheets outstanding weathering performance helps to provide long-term optical quality under intensive sunlight exposure, and maintains the superior toughness of the polycarbonate material in comparison to other multiwall glazing products.

With a Delta YI value of 5, the LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™ 15 brand will retain its high performance attributes longer than other known “like” multiwall polycarbonate sheet.

So why is understanding the Yellowing Index Important? Degradation caused by yellowing directly affects the “overall performance” of a polycarbonate sheet. High performance multiwall polycarbonate will not yellow with age and will last for years!

LEXAN THERMOCLEAR is a trademark of SABIC.


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Glossary of Terms | Polycarbonate

Yellowing Index:

The yellowing index is a number that describes the change in color of a test sample toward yellow. The polycarbonate industry standard is to measure “yellowing” in terms of Delta YI. The difference in the color of the polycarbonate sheet at any point in time to its original color.


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Employee Spotlight: Matt Verstoppen

“Hard Work Leads to Opportunity”

matt_verstoppenBefore coming to AmeriLux International, Matt Verstoppen worked in retail, installed office furniture, and spent time as a bartender. Looking for a job that he could potentially turn into a career, Matt joined the A-Team in February 2015.

Matt’s willingness to cross-train and learn multiple processes led him to an opportunity to oversee the facilitation of orders for one of AmeriLux’s largest key accounts. As lead foreman, he is responsible for managing the account’s inventory, fulfilling sales orders, and quality control.

Preparing materials for shipment is a big part of Matt’s job. “I take great care in making sure the material is well protected before it leaves,” he said. “If not protected properly, it can and probably will get damaged in transit.”

“Keeping a full stock of inventory is one of the most challenging parts of my job because meeting the customer’s requested delivery dates is so important,” Matt said. “Good internal communications concerning inventory levels is critical to the success of this account.”

There are many types of career paths at AmeriLux International, for different interests, skills, and experience. Click here to visit our Job Opportunities webpage.