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AmeriLux | DIY Tip of the Month

hobby_greenhouse_a hobby_greenhouse_bWell-drawn greenhouse plans are key when building your own hobby greenhouse. Free do-it-yourself greenhouse plans can be found with a simple online search. But before you make a decision on your greenhouse design, create a budget, do some serious planning, and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have a good spot to put a greenhouse?
  • Based on this location, what’s the size going to be?
  • Are there any property setback rules?
  • What materials am I going to use to build it?
  • What systems will I need?

If you are planning on going the DIY route, Click here for some great information and helpful resources at My Greenhouse Plans.

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AmeriLux Employee Spotlight: Nathan “Nate” Schadrie

NateSchradrie_SmNathan “Nate” Schadrie celebrated his four-year anniversary with AmeriLux this past January. A key member in the Distribution Center, Nate enjoys working together as a team to ensure all orders ship in a timely fashion and deliver high customer satisfaction. “I focus on putting out a great product for our customers. A product that I would want myself,” said Nate.

Outside of work, Nate enjoys watching or playing baseball and hanging out with friends.


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Special Pricing: Discontinued Polycarbonate Ridge Cap Profile

clear_ridgecapPolycarbonate Ridge Cap is a corrugated flashing solution for eliminating leaks where two polycarbonate roofing panels meet along the ridge of a roof. Virtually unbreakable, polycarbonate ridge caps are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, lasting for many years.

  • UV Protected on Exterior Side
  • Resistant to Wind Uplift, Hail, and Impact Damage
  • Highly Flexible. Easily Bends to Match Roof Pitch
  • Available Colors: Opal and Softlite
  • Available Sizes: 24” wide x 10’ long | 24” wide x 10’6” long

At AmeriLux, we are transitioning our inventory over to the new 30% stronger High Top Ridge Cap. To clear out existing stock, substantial discounts are now available on our discontinued Ridge Cap product. Call 888.602.4441 for details.

Keep nature’s elements out while providing natural daylight at the peak of any building!



Frequently Asked Polycarbonate Question

Moisture can gather in the panel’s flutes

 Q: Why should I install multiwall polycarbonate panels in a vertical direction?

A: Moisture can gather in the extruded ribs or flutes of a multiwall sheet. Vertical orientation allows for water accumulation to drain. When used for a roof application, the slope should be at least 5 to 10 degrees, never level. Remember to drill weep holes if you seal the end of the panel with a U-channel.

Click HERE for a list of our most frequently asked product-related questions.


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LEXAPANEL™ Standing Seam Polycarbonate Panel

lexapanel_stacked_a_smLEXAPANEL™ Standing Seam Polycarbonate Panel delivers the strength, weatherability, clarity and thermal insulation of the LEXAN™ polycarbonate multiwall sheet, giving architects and builders exceptional flexibility to create sustainable and beautiful translucent roofing and other glazing elements.

Click HERE for more product information or call 888-602-4441 to speak with a knowledgeable A-Team member.


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Got Spring Fever? Build a Polycarbonate Hobby Greenhouse

4mm_clear_hobbygreenhouse_resA polycarbonate hobby greenhouse will allow you to start plants, like tomatoes and peppers, much earlier in the growing season. You will also be able to extend the growing season by bringing your plants inside at the first signs of frost.

Why cover your hobby greenhouse frame with polycarbonate? The greenhouse covering you choose will be responsible for letting sunlight and its warmth in while keeping Mother Nature’s elements out. Multiwall polycarbonate is lightweight and retains heat better than glass or plastic film. Additionally, polycarbonate is highly flexible, virtually unbreakable, and offers a high degree of light transmittance while blocking harmful UV-rays.

Want to learn more about using a greenhouse to start flower and vegetable plants in the spring? Click here for a link to an informative article written by Gini Coover recently featured on the Garden & Greenhouse website.




Innovation for the Circular Economy House”

ICEhouse_Davos_LgICEhouse_Davos_LgbDesigned by William McDonough + Partners, the ICEhouse made its debut at the 2016 World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. The project was supported by and a close collaboration with SABIC. The ICEhouse was glazed entirely with LEXAN™ polycarbonate sheet products: LEXAPANEL™ Standing Seam on the roof, LEXAN™ THERMOCLICK™ on the ceiling and side walls, LEXAN™ Solid Sheet in the windows and doors.

Learn more about the ICEhouse™:
ICEhouse™ Willima McDonough + Partners
William McDonough debuts ICEhouse™ in Davos, Switzerland


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AmeriLux | Sending Thoughts and Prayers

Arkens_Family_SmSending lots of strong, healing thoughts and prayers to fellow A-Team member, Tyler Arkens and his family. After being placed on the transplant list on December 1st, 2015, Tyler’s wife, Lauren Arkens, received the best Christmas gift ever – a new set of lungs!

This amazing story was featured in the Feb 2016 issue of @St. Norbert: SNC Friends Rally Round as Alum Recovers From Lung Transplant.

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Factors to consider when choosing a greenhouse covering

inside_greenhouseFactors to consider when choosing a greenhouse covering:

  • Types of Crops being grown
  • Light Transmission needed for sufficient growth
  • Diffusion Properties for even distribution of light
  • Thermal Insulation whether or not R-Value is important
  • Geographical Location and weather conditions
  • Life Expectancy the product’s effective usefulness
  • Warranty Coverage and performance characteristic

When investing in a covering, understanding these factors will help you make an informed choice that will best fit your particular greenhouse needs. Want to read more? Click HERE for a link to an interesting article written by Neil Moran recently featured on the Greenhouse Management website.