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AmeriLux | DIY Tip of the Month

w606“Install Sheets Vertically”

For most applications, it is important that multiwall polycarbonate sheets are installed with the flutes (channels) oriented vertically or in the direction of the slope. Condensation may build up in these flutes because of temperature changes and other outdoor factors. Installing the sheets vertically will allow for the moisture to drain (weep) out of the flute. This will also prevent algae growth, helping to keep the sheets in good condition.


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Multi-Use Residential Greenhouse

ResGreenhouse_GrecaSofliteClear_bResidential greenhouses can be used for more than just growing plants. They can be great multi-use structures for many enjoyable family activities, providing protection from the elements. John Jerome’s hobby greenhouse was once a dome covering the family’s swimming pool. The pool has since been filled with dirt and in its place will soon be a fish pond and a hot tub. There is also an area along each side approximately three feet wide for growing flowers.

This is actually John’s third greenhouse. Linden, Michigan sees its fair share of winter weather so unfortunately the first two collapsed due to heavy snows. When the “dome”, as it is affectionately still called, was rebuilt, John decided to reglaze the structure with LEXAN™ Greca polycarbonate panels. The 24’ long corrugated panels reach from the ground to over the peak. “I went with the corrugated polycarbonate mainly for the price and also for its flexibility,” said John. “The panels were easy to install due to being so flexible and we were able to overlap the panels at the peak.”

Another issue that John will no longer have to contend with is the snow filling in at each of the purlins of his 55’ long x 24’ wide structure. “I used to have to go inside the dome and push the film or tarp up to move the snow,” he replied. “Now I will not have to that anymore!”

The structure is glazed with both clear and softlite corrugated panels. Clear panels were chosen for their optical clarity to see out. And even more importantly, so any activity going on within could be seen from John’s home. Softlite panels were used to create areas of privacy and provide a bit more shade for sitting while still allowing enough light transmission to come through to grow their plants.

“The dome is a nice place to go and relax,” said John. “So far, I’m very happy. After we get through a winter, we will know for sure if it was the right investment.”

LEXAN is a trademark of SABIC


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AmeriLux Employee Spotlight: Joseph Nick

Joe_Nick_aSeeking a company whose values aligned with his own, Joseph “Joe” Nick joined the AmeriLux A-Team in April as the new Director of Operations. After meeting with several of the team’s members, he was both surprised and inspired from the things he observed. “Most importantly, I wanted to find a company that actually lived their values every day,” said Joe. “It didn’t take long for me to realize that a career at AmeriLux was a perfect fit. It also helped that my fiancé Hillary and I are both originally from the Green Bay area and enjoy being close to family and friends”

Joe’s role as Director of Operations involves making sure AmeriLux has the people, systems, and equipment in place to meet safety, quality, production, cost, and delivery goals. “It is my job to ensure that we have our people developed, our systems in place, and the equipment ready to handle our customer’s changing needs,” he replied. “AmeriLux takes pride in being a supplier that is extremely easy to do business with. As the leader of the operations team, I’m committed to delivering on our promises and exceeding even our own very high expectations.”

Having held prior positions in technical engineering, process engineering, operations management, and finance, Joe’s background gives him a unique perspective on the many challenges that he has encountered thus far. Joe explained this further by saying, “Anytime a company is growing at the pace of AmeriLux, there are significant challenges to make sure we respond to the growth but we don’t lose sight of the things that got us there in the first place. My strategic thinking is grounded in that philosophy. I am entering a company with a very strong foundation and I am excited to see how far we will go from here.”