101 Uses of Polycarbonate

Link of Interest: Polycarbonate Daylighting Solutions

Seven Stunning Examples of Polycarbonate Daylighting Solutions

Architectural building designs featuring translucent polycarbonate continue to increase in popularity around the world.

Click here for a article written by Lizzie Crook that highlights seven stunning examples.


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AmeriLux | Frequently Asked Polycarbonate Question

Langford Elementary, Hartford CT
Lumira® aerogel

Q. What are the benefits to filling polycarbonate multiwall panels with Lumira® aerogel?

A. Multiwall polycarbonate daylighting systems are greatly enhanced by the inclusion of Lumira® aerogel. Lumira® aerogel increases the insulation factor, provides superior light diffusion, improves acoustic performance, reduces solar heat gain/loss, and decreases energy consumption.




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AmeriLux Employee Spotlight

Kyle Goehegan | Team Lead – Lumira® aerogel

Before joining AmeriLux in the summer of 2015, Kyle worked in warehousing and retail for several years. He is a hardworking, valuable member of the Distribution Center (DC) Team, leading the efforts of the Lumira® aerogel department.

On a day-to-day basis, Kyle operates the Lumira® aerogel filling machine. A unique piece of equipment used to fill multiwall polycarbonate panels with the high-quality silica particulate. Kyle executes and oversees the entire aerogel filling process from start to finish which includes: ripping, filling, tamping, taping, and final inspection of the filled panels.

When asked his opinion on the benefits of filling multiwall polycarbonate panels with Lumira® aerogel, Kyle replied, “It ups the insulation factor and eliminates hot spots. The aerogel also adds a cool look.”

Lumira® aerogel Filling Machine

Lumira® aerogel increases the thermal insulation properties of a multiwall panel. The use of insulated polycarbonate panels in architectural daylighting applications can aid in meeting today’s stringent building and energy code requirements. Call 888.602.4441 to learn more about the many benefits of this product.





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Langford Elementary School | Skylight Retrofit

“Superior Aesthetics. Superior Performance”

Architect: Capitol Studio Architects
Skylight System: Wasco Skylights
Wasco Sales Representative: PACE Representatives
Wasco Certified Installer: Angel Creek

The existing skylight at the John A. Langford Elementary School in East Hartford, Connecticut was in dire need of being replaced. It annoyingly leaked, created undue glare, and was thermally inefficient and aesthetically unappealing. The transparent glazing had discolored with age, reducing the amount and the quality of natural light entering the building.

The architect on the project, Capital Studio Architects, contacted Wasco’s sales representative at PACE for a skylight replacement solution. Since a new skylight would have involved rebuilding the curb, not to mention the cost of a completely new system, it was decided to retrofit the existing skylight frame with Wasco’s light-framed Classic system and 25mm Lumira® aerogel-filled polycarbonate panels.

The original 34.5’ x 34.5’ pyramid skylight had featured acrylic panels. Replacing the glazing with glass would have required extensive framework reinforcement to support the additional weight, increasing both material and installation costs.  Lightweight, durable, and easy to install, multiwall polycarbonate was the ideal replacement glazing choice for this renovation project.

Additionally, the light diffusion benefits from the inclusion of Lumira® aerogel will eliminate the glare of direct sunlight, and the superior insulating properties of the dry silica particulate will help the school reduce their HVAC energy usage and its costs.

Headquartered in Wells, Maine, Wasco Skylights offers a full line of commercial and residential daylighting solutions made in the U.S.A. Click here to visit their website.


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WFBA 2017 Annual Conference & Tour | Stop at AmeriLux

The Wisconsin Frame Builders Association (WFBA) held their 2017 Conference last week at the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel and Convention Center in Appleton, Wisconsin. This annual meeting provides its attendees with many opportunities to advance their industry knowledge as well as learn about new ideas to incorporate into their building designs.

Each year, the conference includes a tour to local building designs that use the latest designs and engineering along with manufacturers of products used in the Post Frame Industry. This year’s tour included stops at an 80 x 200 post frame building at Manitowoc County Fairgrounds, robotic milking parlor at Clover Edge Dairy, AmeriLux International, and the Stone Cellar Brewery.

AmeriLux was honored to be a part of this year’s WFBA tour schedule. Following a company overview presentation, forty-plus conference attendees were split into groups and taken through the distribution center to observe key areas. On the tour, the groups were shown a broad range of products, fabrication services, and component assembly operations.

WFBA is an organization of builders, affiliates and suppliers whose business is supplying materials and the construction of frame buildings for the Wisconsin Consumer. Click here to visit their website.