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AmeriLux | DIY Tip of the Month

Secondary Double Glazing

Looking to make your home greener? A lot of heat is lost through single-glazed windows. Secondary glazing with polycarbonate is a great option. Polycarbonate panels are highly effective for heat retention and noise insulation.

Secondary double glazing with polycarbonate is less expensive than glass and is a simple DIY project. Polycarbonate panels are light in weight, making them easy to handle and install with everyday tools. Impact and shatter resistant, polycarbonate is 10 times stronger than acrylic and 200 times stronger than glass.

Polycarbonate can easily be cut to the size or shape of your window and attached it to the window frame with self-adhesive magnetic/steel tape. Remember to check tape compatibility and cut panels slightly smaller than the size of your window panes to allow for thermal expansion and contraction.


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Happy Halloween from AmeriLux!

Even though the holiday is tomorrow, AmeriLux enjoyed some Halloween fun today. Several A-Team members dressed up for the costume contest. Costumes included a whimsical scarecrow, a comical cow, the grim reaper, and a dancing Cat in the Hat. The winner – a creative yet disturbing pregnant zombie! A tasty potluck lunch was enjoyed by all.

Group Photo
Winner and Runner-ups
1st Place










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AmeriLux | Frequently Asked Polycarbonate Question

Q: What are the benefits to filling polycarbonate multiwall panels with Lumira® aerogel?

A: Lumira® aerogel-filled polycarbonate panels improve the quality of light, transmit less sound, increase thermal efficiency, and help to reduce a building’s carbon footprint.

Aerogel-filled polycarbonate panels eliminate glare and hot spots. Natural daylight is diffused evenly throughout the interior of a building, creating a softer, improved source of light while reducing the need for artificial lighting.

Acoustic STC values are increased in multiwall polycarbonate panels with Lumira® aerogel, reducing external and internal noise transfer. Other Lumira® aerogel benefits include: moisture resistance, low thermal conductivity, reduced solar heat gain/loss, and a green product and manufacturing process.

These factors, when combined with the diverse nature of multiwall polycarbonate in daylighting and insulation systems, increase architectural design options and enhance aesthetics.


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AmeriLux | Meet the A-Team

Craig Cutcher | Special Projects Manager

Craig Cutcher has been a member of the A-Team since 2011. He has watched AmeriLux continue to grow and evolve with new hires and partnerships, additional products and fabrication services, solutions-driven equipment investments, and forward-thinking facility expansions.

Over the past six years, Craig has also grown within the company. He started out with AmeriLux in the Distribution Center (DC), fulfilling orders for a key customer, overseeing the operation of the multiwall polycarbonate cutting table, and moving trailers with the spotter truck. He’s assisted in crating, shipping and receiving, and inventory management. He’s also played an important role in the implementation of new equipment and processes. Mostly recently, Craig has been heavily involved in the new building expansion. “I’ve been moving material stored in forty outside trailers – inside,” Craig said. “Now that the new building is complete, our original distribution center is being revamped. I’ve been relocating departments and setting them up to be more efficient.”

Craig continued with his thoughts on the new building: “The new racking system and lift is going to make inventory management and moving material easier and faster. It’s now going to take only one person to move material versus needing five. And, the time spent moving material is going to be considerably less – half an hour versus what use to take four hours. That’s a huge time savings!”

Fun Fact: Craig spends much of his free time riding his Harley-Davidson Fatboy.


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The MODESTEhouse

“A Study in Innovative Construction”

The UL (University of Louisiana) Lafayette School of Architecture and Design completed their fifteenth Building Institute project this year. The MODESTEhouse is a tiny home, approximately 200-square-feet in size, built on an 8-foot by 20-foot flatbed trailer. A study in new modular construction techniques, this student design-build project put into question the notion and currently-trendy idea of ‘tiny houses’.

Over the last decade, tiny houses have become a fashionable micro-living movement for young minimalists and empty nesters. The MODESTEhouse project aimed instead at showcasing these small dwellings as a viable option for victims of natural disasters – either as a temporary shelter or a permanent residence.

The design concept for the MODESTEhouse required every building element to have more than one function, and sought to maximize storage space, optimize daylighting, and utilize innovative construction technologies. The shell comprises the wall, roof, and insulation while the north wall provides both light and storage.

The north gridwall of the MODESTEhouse is clad in 25mm Clear Triplewall Polycarbonate Panels filled with Lumira® aerogel. Multifunctional, the aerogel-filled polycarbonate panels fill the tiny home with beautiful, diffused light, providing privacy while reducing the need for artificial light. Because aerogel particles inhibit heat transfer, the inhabitants of this tiny home will benefit from energy cost savings as well as occupant comfort.

YouTube Video | MODESTEhouse Final

In partnership with the Lafayette Habitat for Humanity, the MODESTEhouse will be sold to a retired veteran who lost his RV home in the 2016 Louisiana floods. 

Lumira aerogel is a registered trademark of Cabot Corporation.


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AmeriLux Employee Spotlight

Julie Daul – Samples Assistant/Cleaning Associate

Looking for a full-time job, Julie Daul joined the AmeriLux A-Team as a Samples Assistant/Cleaning Associate on May 8th. Her positive attitude and great work ethic became evident immediately. Julie spends the first couple of hours of each day cleaning the offices, break room, and restrooms. And, since she gets in early, she usually makes the first pot of coffee in the morning!

After her cleaning duties, Julie spends the rest of her day fulfilling customer’s requests for product samples and literature. She also processes the aluminum install components, screws, and miscellaneous hardware portion of each work order.

“I like to have a variety of things to do and keep busy,” Julie commented. “Starting this job has been easy because everyone here at AmeriLux is very helpful and friendly.”

Fun Fact: Julie works part-time at the Green Bay Packers Pro Shop and enjoys spending time with her Bernese Mountain Dog named Uno.