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AmeriLux | DIY Tip of the Month

“Snow Loads”

Snow loads can be influenced by where you live, general weather patterns, the wind, air moisture, roof configurations, and slope. Typically, snow accumulates more on flat or low slope roofs.

Even though polycarbonate panels offer outstanding snow load capabilities, wet snow can be very heavy. It’s important not to let snow pile up. Without being removed, that snow weight may cause damage to your structure.

A wide, soft bristle push broom may be used to gently pull off the top snow without damaging the polycarbonate panels.

If you live in a snowy climate, always check with your local building code authority for snow load requirements in your area before starting your next project.


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AmeriLux | Remembering the “Thanks” in Thanksgiving

This month of November, we celebrate Thanksgiving. It has been an official holiday since President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national day of “Thanksgiving and Praise” in 1863.

But the Thanksgiving is more than turkey, stuffing, football, or Black Friday shopping. It is a time to reflect. To appreciate all we have. To recognize and celebrate those we are thankful for in our lives.

I asked my fellow A-Team members who they are thankful for in their lives. Here are some of their heartfelt responses:

  • Kyle Geohegan (Distribution Center): “I’m thankful for my wife, who supports me in everything I do and will be bringing our child into the world in May.”
  • Julia VerHaagh (CFO): “For me, this is such a personal question because it is both good and horrible to be thankful for cancer. The fact that cancer has made my Mom actually live and enjoy what life she has left — it is good. The fact that we are spending more time together than previously — it is good. Yet, knowing her time is short and will probably be filled with some really bad suffering — it is horrible. I am thankful for my Mom and truly thankful for the health of my children and the rest of my family.”
  • Susan Dutton (Director of Organizational Development): “I am thankful for those who trust me to assist with their human journey. I have the best job in the world! I get to help people grow toward their own potential every day. I am so grateful for that privilege.”
  • Joe Nick (Vice President of Operations): “I am most thankful for my family this year.  We are now a family of three, my beautiful wife Hillary and our new healthy baby boy, Gordon Jay Nick.”
  • Kristi Strelcheck (Account Mgr – AmeriLux Logistics) “This year I have so much to be thankful for and the opportunity to join the AmeriLux Family is definitely at the top of my list!!!

This holiday season, let’s take a moment to stop and be thankful for the people who mean of much in our lives and who we sometimes take for granted. Let’s celebrate our freedom and opportunity, and look to the future with optimism. “Is this a great country, or what…?!”

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


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AmeriLux | Quality Fasteners


Fasteners are a key component of most building projects. Using the right fastener size and type is very important. When the wrong fastener is used, both the fastener and the panel can fail. Proper fastener selection will help ensure the panel system will last for years.

There are many factors to consider when selecting a fastener including length, color, panel thickness, the type of structure, and the environmental conditions – especially in corrosive or high-moisture environments. Every application is different.

AmeriLux is proud to offer an assorted variety of durable fasteners to complement its multiwall and corrugated polycarbonate sheet products and PVC sheet and liner panels. Call 888-602-4441 or visit our website for more product information.

Download Fastener Product Sell Sheet


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Meet the A-Team

DC (Distribution Center) Multiwall Team

Cody & Jeff

The multiwall crew has been working in the new building for about four weeks. Even with a learning curve, they haven’t missed a beat. The team had this to say about the transition:

“Things have been going very well,” said Jeff Rukamp. “It’s a lot more organized with the new racking system. There’s more room for material here. And, the sheets are right in front of us instead of having to move the cutting table all around the building.”

Jeff, who’s been with AmeriLux for a little over a year, went on to say, “It took us awhile to figure out how long it would take to cut an order using the Hubtex to get a skid down, but I feel we have a good rhythm now. We know what we have to do and how we go from one end of the building to the other with it.”

Jake, Jeff & Cody

“The Hubtex was a little intimidating at first, but it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it,” Cody Potts says. “It’s a huge time saver. Efficiency has improved across the board.” Cody joined the A-Team in May and helps Jeff facilitate the multiwall orders. “Whatever I got to do,” he added, smiling, “I just go do it!”

The new material handler has eliminated a lot of the manual physical labor associated with moving polycarbonate sheets. “We’re no longer just relying on strong backs. Getting the job done with the Hubtex is a lot less strenuous,” said Jake Chamberlain, Area Leader and A-Team member since 2011. “The new building has been built to fit the material. A reversal to how we use to do things. We’re creating whole new processes and becoming even more efficient. It’s about adding value.”

Three biggest benefits of the new building: Jeff – “Space” | Cody – “Efficiency” | Jake – “No More Double Handling”


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AmeriLux | Frequently Asked Polycarbonate Question

Q. What are the flutes in a multiwall polycarbonate sheet?

A. Multiwall polycarbonate is characterized by a hollow rectangular structure that runs the length of the sheet. This structural configuration is known as ‘flutes’, ‘ribs’, or ‘channels’.

The flutes trap air, creating an excellent thermal barrier. The flutes also give the sheet its strength and long spanning capabilities.

To prevent dirt, dust and insects from entering the flutes, seal the panel ends with tape and/or U-profiles. Use ‘vent tape’ and/or drill weep holes along the bottom edge for condensation drainage.

Flutes should be cleared before sealing the ends. Debris may be removed from the flutes using a vacuum or blow out with compressed air. It is not recommended to flush the flutes with water.


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Eagle Project | Polycarbonate Greenhouse

“Reducing a Community Garden’s Dependency on Outside Sources”

Brice Henthorn is a Boy Scout in Troop 608 based out of Beloit, Wisconsin. For his Eagle project, he spent six weeks building a polycarbonate greenhouse for the Merrill Park Community Garden. A communal garden located in one of city’s neighborhood parks.

Because he had volunteered at the garden, Brice knew that a greenhouse would help reduce the garden’s dependency of seedlings from outside sources. An offhanded comment by a woman running the Community Garden confirmed there was a need for one so Brice decided to run with the idea.

“This will allow the garden to become more self-sufficient by being able to start the plants from seeds instead of buying plants that have been already started,” Brice explained. “This will also give them another teaching opportunity for the community. They will be able to teach community members how to plant from seeds.”

Basing his design on plans he found online, Brice built the 8’ x 6’7” greenhouse with help from volunteers and materials donated by local companies. The wood frame was covered with LEXAN™ VEROLITE™ 8mm clear twin wall polycarbonate panels. After doing his research, Brice chose polycarbonate as the covering because it was a much more durable glazing option. He wanted a product that would last.

Building the greenhouse was a big learning experience for Brice. He had not built anything like this before. “The installation process was very easy,” says Brice. “We followed the instructions that were on the panels. The U- and H-channels went on smoothly and cutting the panels was very easy with a new blade. I would say the installation process was very user-friendly.”

“He was in charge of the project and handled it well. To me it is a showcase of what can be done and will greatly help the neighborhood in their garden. To me a sense of pride.” – Lowell Fjalstad, Scoutmaster Troop 608

Donors who supported Brice’s Eagle project include: Jewett Cameron Company, Bayliss Autovents, First Community Credit Union, Western Container Corporation, UMC Tuesday 500 Club, Terra Yard Creations, Home Depot, Adaptive Plastics, Avid Pallet, AmeriLux International, Sherwin Williams, Murmac Paints, Fastenal, Domino’s Pizza, Vince’s Pizza, Chubby Bubba’s, Ace Hardware, Lycon Inc., Old Fashion Bakery, and Walmart.

LEXAN and VEROLITE are trademarks of SABIC.