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AmeriLux | DIY Tip of the Month

“Never Paint Again”

Looking for a cost-effective, low maintenance alternative to painted drywall? Brighten the interior appearance of your garage, workshop, or laundry room with TRUSSCORE™ wall and ceiling panels.

These reflective panels increase the effectiveness of artificial lighting without added energy consumption. The panel’s bright white finish reflects light back into the room, making if feel lighter and brighter.

Painting is not most people’s favorite past time. TRUSSCORE’S attractive surface appearance will never need to be painted, coated, or otherwise sealed. These panels are virtually maintenance free!

Contact the knowledgeable team at AmeriLux for a quote today. Call us at 888.602.4441, email us, or submit your inquiry via our online Contact Us form.


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AmeriLux | Meet the A-Team

Kristi Strelcheck | Account Manager – AmeriLux Logistics

Kristi Strelcheck is no stranger to the logistics and transportation industry. She brings seventeen years of experience to the AmeriLux Logistics A-Team. While at her previous employer, Kristi was responsible for Carrier Management, and it was there that she first learned about a company called AmeriLux.

“I had no intentions of adding another carrier/broker to the mix. But after meeting Erik and hearing the AmeriLux story, I wanted to give him a shot at our business,” Kristi explained. “AmeriLux Logistics did great with it! We worked together for well over a year.”

Hearing the news that her employer was closing their doors, Erik Voss, AmeriLux Logistics and Transportation Manager, reached out to Kristi to see if she would be interested in an opportunity with AmeriLux Logistics. “When I came in for my interview I just loved the feeling that I got here,” Kristi said.

Kristi has been with the A-Team for approximately four weeks now. She sees her role as one of maximizing the efficiency of the operation and enhancing the customer experience through AmeriLux Logistics. What’s been the most challenging aspect of her role so far? “Y’all only had to learn one person’s name but I had to learn over forty new names. And, I’m still working on that!”

Fun Fact: Kristi might be a Texan but she would actually love to live in Alaska someday!!

For more information on the brokerage services offered, please contact AmeriLux Logistics at 920.425.3550. We would be happy to discuss your freight delivery requirements and create a competitive, customized solution that will meet your unique shipping needs.

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Season’s Greetings from AmeriLux!

Hi everyone!

Season’s greetings from Green Bay, WI! While the Packers failed to meet expectations this year I’m happy to report that the AmeriLux team, with your help, had another “winning” year.  Our enterprise continues to grow by many measures and the year had several highlights:

  • We opened our new 30,000-square-foot Distribution Center which expanded our campus and fundamentally changed the way we ship, receive, and inventory product. This allows us to provide even more flexibility and speed in processing our customers’ orders.
  • Our AmeriLux Logistics Division continued to complement our core business and was utilized by an ever growing number of our stakeholders for their transportation needs.
  • Our team continued to grow with the addition of new people who have positively integrated into our established culture (see attached AmeriLux Culture Statement). The ‘A’ team never ceases to amaze me as they confront challenges while always learning and growing in the service of winning!

This time of year encourages me to take a step back and assess things.  I feel very blessed to be surrounded by such excellent people, and I’m confident in our ability to continue our momentum into the future.  Adding even more value to everyone we do business with, including our employees, customers and vendors, is my focus for 2018.

Thank you again for your contribution to our success.  Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a healthy & prosperous New Year!



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AmeriLux | Frequently Asked Polycarbonate Question

Q. Do I need special tools to install TRUSSCORE™ PVC Panels?

A. TRUSSCORE™ panels require no special tools or training to install. The tongue-and-groove interlocking system makes both vertical and horizontal installation quick and easy.

Panels can be cut using a fine tooth blade (12 to 16 teeth per inch) with the blade installed in the reverse direction.

Fastening the panels requires only a standard drill/screw gun. A one-part, neutral core silicone sealant may be used to seal corners or repair small holes.

Download the TRUSSCORE Installation Guide for a complete list of required tools.


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TRUSSCORE™ PVC Wall and Ceiling Panel

“Designed for Demanding Applications”

Looking for a great alternative to painted drywall, plywood, plasterboard, tiled concrete, or stainless steel paneling? TRUSSCORE™ PVC liner panels are an ideal replacement for conventional wall or ceiling systems. Cost-effective when compared to other materials, TRUSSCORE can be used in both new construction and retrofit applications.

TRUSSCORE’S inner truss design provides industry-leading spanning capability. This product provides the best strength-to-weight ratio of any other like panel on the market today. The unique webbed design also helps to prevent racking and increases the panel’s overall rigidity and strength.

Highly durable, TRUSSCORE is resistant to scratches, mold, moisture, and most chemicals. The panel’s surface will not corrode or support bacteria growth. TRUSSCORE meets or exceeds statutory building codes, satisfying the stringent requirements of modern hygienic construction.

With a specially designed tongue-and-groove interlocking system and pre-punched holes for fastening, the lightweight TRUSSCORE panel is extremely easy to handle and install. TRUSSCORE panels require no special training or tools to install and are safe to work with using normal construction practices. Working green — the waste material is recyclable!

TRUSSCORE™ is designed for a wide variety of demanding applications including:

CAR & TRUCK WASHES: TRUSSCORE is perfect for the rigorous requirements of car wash bay walls and ceiling coverings. The highly-moisture resistant panel is well suited to wet environments and will not support mildew or mold growth.

INDOOR GROW FACILITIES: TRUSSCORE’S bright white, reflective surface will help reflect light back into the grow room. Plants will be able to use more of the artificial light produced by indoor grow lights — they will grow faster and produce bigger yields.

Wherever you need a smooth finish that is easy-to-clean, low maintenance, hygienic, and abuse resistant, TRUSSCORE has your project covered. Learn more about the PVC Wall and Ceiling Panel that is transforming building practices across North America.

TRUSSCORE is a trademark of MSW Plastics. “A leader in plastic extrusion”


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AmeriLux | Team Building Provides Insight into Roles

“Communication is our Currency”

Last week, AmeriLux employees gathered offsite for three half-days of teambuilding exercises. Each group played a game that replicated the company’s entire supply chain. A-team members were assigned roles they don’t normally fulfill at AmeriLux. A lot of ‘aha’s were experienced as individuals found themselves making many of the same decisions as those who actually fill those roles.

The biggest takeaways: Trust that your teammates are competently fulfilling their role and err on the side of over communication. As one of our values states, “Communication is (truly) our Currency!”

“We prioritize face-to-face interaction over electronic communication in a world going the other way. We seek deeper, more profound connections that build authentic relationships. We look to create maximum value in our daily exchanges with one another through presence of mind and body.”