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AmeriLux | Team Building Provides Insight into Roles

“Communication is our Currency”

Last week, AmeriLux employees gathered offsite for three half-days of teambuilding exercises. Each group played a game that replicated the company’s entire supply chain. A-team members were assigned roles they don’t normally fulfill at AmeriLux. A lot of ‘aha’s were experienced as individuals found themselves making many of the same decisions as those who actually fill those roles.

The biggest takeaways: Trust that your teammates are competently fulfilling their role and err on the side of over communication. As one of our values states, “Communication is (truly) our Currency!”

“We prioritize face-to-face interaction over electronic communication in a world going the other way. We seek deeper, more profound connections that build authentic relationships. We look to create maximum value in our daily exchanges with one another through presence of mind and body.”