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Jim Romenesko | Driver for AmeriLux Transportation

A Sprinkler Fitter for twenty-one years, Jim Romenesko decided to retire after his third knee surgery. During those years as Sprinkler Fitter, he also worked as a part-time truck driver and milked cows for a local dairy farm. Previous to his time spent in the fire sprinkler fitter trade, Jim was a full time truck driver.

With years of experience behind the wheel of trucks, Jim joined AmeriLux Transportation as a part time driver nearly two years ago.  “My role is to safely get products from point-to-point as efficiently as possible in a courteous manner,” Jim responded. “I like this job because it is physically easier on the body. I also like to drive, always did!”

Fun Fact: Jim played football for the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Started as a Freshman and Sophomore. After three concussions and a back surgery, he decided to stop playing.

In case you were wondering: A Sprinkler Fitter is a very demanding trade and is responsible for installing all types of fire-protecting systems that save lives and property.

To continually provide value-added services and improve on-time delivery with key customers, AmeriLux International formed AmeriLux Transportation, a full-service freight transport company, in June 2012. Click here to learn more.


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