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AmeriLux | Frequently Asked Polycarbonate Question

Q. What are the flutes in a multiwall polycarbonate sheet?

A. Multiwall polycarbonate is characterized by a hollow rectangular structure that runs the length of the sheet. This structural configuration is known as ‘flutes’, ‘ribs’, or ‘channels’.

The flutes trap air, creating an excellent thermal barrier. The flutes also give the sheet its strength and long spanning capabilities.

To prevent dirt, dust and insects from entering the flutes, seal the panel ends with tape and/or U-profiles. Use ‘vent tape’ and/or drill weep holes along the bottom edge for condensation drainage.

Flutes should be cleared before sealing the ends. Debris may be removed from the flutes using a vacuum or blow out with compressed air. It is not recommended to flush the flutes with water.