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Building Expansion Update

With the building exterior almost finished, it is easy to see the actual size and unique features of the warehouse expansion. Masonry on the front of the new addition is complete and looking great – matching the existing building perfectly. The result is a seamless transition from old to new. On the north and west elevations, 40mm Blue Lexan* Thermoclick* was installed to match the existing warehouse. Lexan* Thermoclick* is an excellent way to bring daylight into a building and a practical way to provide natural light for our warehouse team. (To learn more about Lexan* Thermoclick*, please Click Here.)

Progress is now being made on the building’s interior. The structural steel is being painted white to match the insulation, giving the addition a clean, finished appearance. Electrical conduit is being installed to run through for lighting. The use of web joists in the construction created a center span wide enough to accommodate the slitter table and full 48’ length sheets. This unobstructed space will allow the warehouse crew to process orders of all sizes quickly and efficiently.

Construction of the addition is coming along as scheduled, with the completion date expected for the third week in September. After the completion of the building expansion, the City of De Pere will conduct a final inspection and upon approval, issue a Certificate of Occupancy. Once an occupancy permit has been obtained, racking will be setup and the inventory stored currently outside in trailers will be moved inside.

Follow our building expansion progress by visiting our website for up-to-date photos and information.