Customer Insight

Reflecting on 2012 – Customer Relationships

As we reflect on 2012, there were numerous accomplishments that we are proud of.  At the core of our accomplishments are the relationships and partnerships we have forged with our Customers.

At AmeriLux, one of our core values is that we have a win-win partnership with our Customers, Suppliers, and Stakeholders.  To gauge this with our Customers, we conducted a satisfaction survey in September and the results were resoundingly positive.  For those that responded,

  • 100% of our Customers, on an overall basis, are satisfied with AmeriLux, with 74% of the respondents being highly satisfied.
  • 97% of our Customers would recommend AmeriLux.
  • When asked to define AmeriLux, the three most prominent responses were 1) Easy to do business with, 2) Customer-focused, and 3) Trustworthy.

On behalf of all of our employees, thank you for your continued support and trust that we are committed to being even better in 2013.


Customer Insight

Brought Back by Popular Demand

AmeriLux is excited to announce the return of CoverLite® 6mm Hammered Glass into our product mix.Based on the belief that meeting our customers’ needs is of the utmost importance, CoverLite® 6mm Hammered Glass is back by popular demand.

This CoverLite® 6mm polycarbonate panel offers a special aesthetic look with a light diffusing textured finish. This feature provides privacy and style while allowing natural light in. Characteristics and advantages of the Hammered Glass look are:

  • High-impact strength
  • Self-extinguishing characteristics
  • New modern architectural look
  • Improved light diffusion
  • Good impact resistance
  • Easy installation
  • Heat insulation
  • Light in weight

CoverLite® 6mm Hammered Glass Twin Wall polycarbonate sheet is designed specifically for the following applications: Office Furniture, Office Partitions, Interior Design, Protective Roof, Bathroom Partitions, and Pool Roof Coverings.

Want to learn more about the many uses of the CoverLite® 6mm Hammered Glass polycarbonate sheet? Please call our experienced Customer Service Team at 888.602.4441 for more product information or to place an order.



Customer Insight

AmeriLux Delivers With Exceptional Customer Service

At AmeriLux International, we believe that customer service is one of our core competencies. We have found that, by providing a superior level of service, we can significantly enhance the relationships that we have with our strategic partners. Furthermore, we have seen how our ability to service our partners has, in turn, allowed them to better serve their customers. It is because of the proven success of this model that we continue to focus on servicing our customers in the following ways:

Providing Technical Assistance: Our team has years of manufacturing, distribution and in-the-field experience and is well positioned to answer any technical questions that might come up.  AmeriLux also works with its vendor-partners to leverage their product and technical knowledge. Our customers can also feel free to pass their customers on to us for support; as it is not uncommon for us to speak directly with end users to ensure they are using the correct materials and following proper installation procedures.

Improving Lead/Turnaround Times: AmeriLux has come to define ‘turnaround time’ in terms of our customers’ expectations.  Our objective is simple: Meet the lead times of our customers. When our customers outline their expectations and timelines, we work with them to meet those needs.

Managing Inventory Levels: As our customers have multiple other responsibilities and product procurement isn’t always at the top-of-mind, our goal is to ensure that they do not have to worry about material availability.  Through our diverse product offering and extensive inventory management system, our customers can be assured that we will have the product they need, when they need it…with NO minimum order quantity requirements.

Providing Value-Added Services: From cutting material to meet product specification to labeling products with SKU and barcode information, from logistics management to the warehousing of products, AmeriLux is positioned to provide our customers with many of the value-added services they seek.

Extending Marketing, Communication and Design Support: We have a team dedicated to assisting our customers with marketing, communication and design support. This includes creating and designing print materials, e-communications and other marketing materials for our customers. Additionally, we have a full-time architect – member of the A.I.A. – to assist our customers with design, application, and technical questions.

At the end of the day, our overall objective is to make doing business with AmeriLux convenient and cost-effective and to create strategic, win-win partnerships with our vendors, customers and team members.

A recent example of our Customer Service occurred with Sabic Polymershapes and their Customer. The end-user recently received all of their polycarbonate sheets and profiles for their project. As their team began the project, they realized that they did not have enough of or any of the necessary accessory items to complete the project. Operating under the premise of our commitment to inventory management and responsive turnaround, we were quickly with our Customer and get their Customer everything they needed the next morning.

Challenge our professional staff with an opportunity to achieve results for you! Feel free to contact us at 888.602.4441. We look forward to assisting you with all your polycarbonate glazing needs.