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Special Pricing: Discontinued Polycarbonate Ridge Cap Profile

clear_ridgecapPolycarbonate Ridge Cap is a corrugated flashing solution for eliminating leaks where two polycarbonate roofing panels meet along the ridge of a roof. Virtually unbreakable, polycarbonate ridge caps are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, lasting for many years.

  • UV Protected on Exterior Side
  • Resistant to Wind Uplift, Hail, and Impact Damage
  • Highly Flexible. Easily Bends to Match Roof Pitch
  • Available Colors: Opal and Softlite
  • Available Sizes: 24” wide x 10’ long | 24” wide x 10’6” long

At AmeriLux, we are transitioning our inventory over to the new 30% stronger High Top Ridge Cap. To clear out existing stock, substantial discounts are now available on our discontinued Ridge Cap product. Call 888.602.4441 for details.

Keep nature’s elements out while providing natural daylight at the peak of any building!