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High-Performance Polycarbonate Greenhouse Coverings

Lexan* Thermoclear* Plus Polycarbonate Sheet

This line of high-performance polycarbonate sheets offers greenhouse owners a lightweight glazing alternative that resists UV degradation and provides long-term light transmittance. These high-performance sheets have a state of the art UV-protected outer surface giving them a superior resistance to outdoor weathering. A unique proprietary Dripgard coating on the inner surface prevents dripping from condensation build-up in greenhouses. Sustainable features include high light transmittance, high premarket recycled content, and low insulation value.

Lexan* Thermoclear* Plus 8mm Twinwall and Triplewall polycarbonate sheets resist yellowing five times longer than the competition. These sheets offer the best ten-year warranty in the industry against discoloration, loss of light transmission, and loss of impact strength due to weathering. Thermoclear* Plus sheets will not change more than 2 Delta on the original yellowing index of 0 or lose more than 2% light transmission over a ten-year period. Lexan* Thermoclear* Plus sheets have been known to last over 27 years on one greenhouse application.

Featuring the latest technology in greenhouse glazing, Lexan* Thermoclear* Plus 8mm Softlite Twinwall and Corrugated polycarbonate sheets utilize an advanced polymer technology to scatter light while maintaining high light transmission. (79% PAR light for the twinwall | 85% PAR light for the corrugated)  Scattering of the light virtually eliminates shadows resulting in faster uniform plant growth. The 100% light diffusion feature of these sheets make them an excellent candidate for greenhouse applications where plants benefit from high levels of light for growth, but need protection from harsh intense direct solar energy. Lexan* Thermoclear* Plus Softlite sheets provide the optimal growing environment.

New to the Lexan* Thermoclear* Plus polycarbonate family is the 16mm Thermoclear* Plus Triplewall sheet available in both clear and softlite. These sheets are available with either a UV-resistant surface on both sides or a UV-protection on the exterior side and a Dripgard anti-condensate feature on the interior side. The three wall construction provides outstanding thermal insulation properties with a U-Value of 0.42. Insurance companies are now offering reduced insurance rates for greenhouse coverings other than acrylic. The 16mm Thermoclear* Plus polycarbonate sheet is a great glazing alternative.

If you would like to learn more about these high-performance greenhouse coverings, please contact Tami Churchill Myers at 888-602-4441 or click here to send Tami an email.

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