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Langford Elementary School | Skylight Retrofit

“Superior Aesthetics. Superior Performance”

Architect: Capitol Studio Architects
Skylight System: Wasco Skylights
Wasco Sales Representative: PACE Representatives
Wasco Certified Installer: Angel Creek

The existing skylight at the John A. Langford Elementary School in East Hartford, Connecticut was in dire need of being replaced. It annoyingly leaked, created undue glare, and was thermally inefficient and aesthetically unappealing. The transparent glazing had discolored with age, reducing the amount and the quality of natural light entering the building.

The architect on the project, Capital Studio Architects, contacted Wasco’s sales representative at PACE for a skylight replacement solution. Since a new skylight would have involved rebuilding the curb, not to mention the cost of a completely new system, it was decided to retrofit the existing skylight frame with Wasco’s light-framed Classic system and 25mm Lumira® aerogel-filled polycarbonate panels.

The original 34.5’ x 34.5’ pyramid skylight had featured acrylic panels. Replacing the glazing with glass would have required extensive framework reinforcement to support the additional weight, increasing both material and installation costs.  Lightweight, durable, and easy to install, multiwall polycarbonate was the ideal replacement glazing choice for this renovation project.

Additionally, the light diffusion benefits from the inclusion of Lumira® aerogel will eliminate the glare of direct sunlight, and the superior insulating properties of the dry silica particulate will help the school reduce their HVAC energy usage and its costs.

Headquartered in Wells, Maine, Wasco Skylights offers a full line of commercial and residential daylighting solutions made in the U.S.A. Click here to visit their website.


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