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Meet the A-Team

DC (Distribution Center) Multiwall Team

Cody & Jeff

The multiwall crew has been working in the new building for about four weeks. Even with a learning curve, they haven’t missed a beat. The team had this to say about the transition:

“Things have been going very well,” said Jeff Rukamp. “It’s a lot more organized with the new racking system. There’s more room for material here. And, the sheets are right in front of us instead of having to move the cutting table all around the building.”

Jeff, who’s been with AmeriLux for a little over a year, went on to say, “It took us awhile to figure out how long it would take to cut an order using the Hubtex to get a skid down, but I feel we have a good rhythm now. We know what we have to do and how we go from one end of the building to the other with it.”

Jake, Jeff & Cody

“The Hubtex was a little intimidating at first, but it’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it,” Cody Potts says. “It’s a huge time saver. Efficiency has improved across the board.” Cody joined the A-Team in May and helps Jeff facilitate the multiwall orders. “Whatever I got to do,” he added, smiling, “I just go do it!”

The new material handler has eliminated a lot of the manual physical labor associated with moving polycarbonate sheets. “We’re no longer just relying on strong backs. Getting the job done with the Hubtex is a lot less strenuous,” said Jake Chamberlain, Area Leader and A-Team member since 2011. “The new building has been built to fit the material. A reversal to how we use to do things. We’re creating whole new processes and becoming even more efficient. It’s about adding value.”

Three biggest benefits of the new building: Jeff – “Space” | Cody – “Efficiency” | Jake – “No More Double Handling”