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Minnesota Pergolas

“Creating Beautiful Outdoor Living Spaces”

Located in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, Minnesota Pergolas has been building beautiful, well-built, custom-designed pergolas for more than eight years. “When we design and build a pergola, we factor in the direction of the sun and the customers purpose for the pergola,” explained Minnesota Pergolas owner Kregg Weispfenning. “A pergola can be a simple structure to define a space and hang lights or it can be an outdoor living space with a lot of shade. The more wood we use – the more shade you get!  With the proper amount of shade your deck or patio can feel 20° cooler.”

Cover your pergola and now you have an outdoor living space that you can use no matter what the weather is doing – rain or snow. “You can grill when the weather is not so nice and your grill is protected from the elements,” Kregg says. “Covering a pergola protects the cedar. Staining the cedar can be time consuming and expensive.  The roof protects and prolongs the stain. It basically pays for itself.”

A pergola covered with LEXAN™ VEROLITE™ 8mm twin wall polycarbonate has many benefits. The UV protection on the sheet’s outer surface provides skin protection from dangerous UV rays. This shielding property also prevents discoloration, extending the life of outdoor furniture. Virtually unbreakable, polycarbonate canopy covers provide long-lasting beauty and functionality. LEXAN™ VEROITE™ panels will retain their high performance characteristics even after prolonged outdoor exposure.

Available in standard colors of clear, opal, and bronze, LEXAN™ VEROLITE™ polycarbonate panels provide various levels of shade while allowing natural sunlight to filter through. “We use the 8mm bronze twin wall. It looks richer than clear. The bronze color really enhances the color of the wood. We think they go great together,” adds Kregg.

Fully licensed and insured, Minnesota Pergolas designs and builds pergolas of all sizes and shapes. Each pergola is designed to meet the individual space requirements. No two pergolas are ever the same. All pergolas are built on-site by master craftsmen. Learn more at


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