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Overseeing Sales in the Horticultural and Metal Roofing Markets

Over the last twenty-five years, Tami Churchill Myers has seen a lot of change in the polycarbonate industry. Tami has watched the industry change and grow, and has herself contributed to that growth of the market. One of the most significant changes, Tami notes, came in the way of improved technology and enhanced UV protection.

Tami started her career in the polycarbonate industry with Polygal North America in 1987. After establishing herself in the market, she was recruited by the CO-EX Corporation and worked her way up through the ranks, finishing out her work there as the company’s Vice President. Today, Tami serves as Vice-President and Co-Owner of AmeriLux International where she oversees sales in the Horticultural and Metal Roofing markets.

When asked if she has seen any emerging trends in the use of polycarbonate, Tami responded by saying, “The use of 100% diffused polycarbonate in the commercial greenhouse industry is becoming increasing popular. The benefits of using diffused daylighting sheets are being recognized by growers worldwide. Growers are becoming more aware of the light they are letting into their greenhouses and how that affects the overall environment and growth of plants. This 100% diffusion feature spreads light to more leaves, resulting in faster, uniform growth, the virtual elimination of shadows, brighter colors, and more usable energy for the plant.”

If you would like to learn more abou the the use of polycarbonate in horticultural applications, please contact Tami Churchill Myers at 888-602-4441 or Click Here to send Tami an email.