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Ozanam Inn |New Sheltered Day Space

“Polycarbonate Panels create Translucent Canopy”

Located in the Louisiana city of New Orleans, the Ozanam Inn has been providing an emergency night shelter and services for the homeless and under-served for over sixty years. Last fall, the outside gathering area at the Ozanam Inn was transformed into a more functional and visually appealing day space. This was all made possible by a generous anonymous donor’s gift and the collaborative efforts of the Tulane School of Architecture’s community design center.

The Ozanam Inn’s new day space features a wonderful outdoor canopy and a large wooden decking area with plenty of seating. The canopy is built of steel and pressure-treated wood. The ‘folded’ roof surface was designed with several ridges and valleys. Preferring a transparent white or frosted roofing material, LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™ 15 Softlite twin wall polycarbonate panels were used to cover the structure.

LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™ 15 was an excellent choice for this canopy project. These high-performance panels are extremely durable and can withstand a lot of punishment from nature’s elements. Softlite polycarbonate provides 100% light diffusion. The panels diffuse the natural light coming through, creating a comfortable outdoor space for the clients of the Ozanam Inn.

The ribbon cutting ceremony for Ozanam Inn’s new sheltered day space was held earlier this month. “It was a great celebration of a long semester’s work. We’re doing some touch up here and there, but the shelter is being put to good use every day!” said Sara Allen Harper, M. Arch 2017 | Tulane University School of Architecture.

Tulane City Center brings together creative makers and doers working for a better city by advancing community-driven ideas through collaboration, design education and scrappy problem-solving.

Ozanam Inn offers aid and comfort to the poor and needy in its community by providing basic human needs such as; food, shelter and clothing.

LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™ is a trademark of SABIC


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