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101 Uses of Polycarbonate: #43 Hunting Blind

painted_hunting_blindBuild your own ground or elevated hunting blind with multiwall polycarbonate panels. Virtually maintenance free, polycarbonate panels are very durable and can withstand tough outdoor weather conditions. Exposure to snow, ice, wind, rain or sun will not degrade a polycarbonate hunting blind. A polycarbonate blind is light in weight and easy to move from one location to another.

To blend in with nature, panels may be painted using paint compatible with polycarbonate. (Polyurethane-based paints are usually recommended. Check with the manufacturer before painting. Solvent-based paints should never be used.) An available option is to have the panels printed with a camouflage pattern. Click here to inquire about details.



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2 Responses to 101 Uses of Polycarbonate: #43 Hunting Blind

  1. Jack Brock says:

    I am making an arched awning and want to block the sun and heat as much as I can so I would like Black Polycarbonate sheet both sides 10 mm thick and can’t seem to find a supplier, is their any one that makes this sheet in 4′ X 8′, I need about 14 sheets? If not can I paint a Polycarbonate sheet Black without the paint coming off or damaging the sheeting?

    • amerilux says:

      Hello Jack,

      Ordering multiwall polycarbonate sheets in custom or special colors typically requires at least a 5,000 pound minimum order for production. This will vary depending on the product/grade, gauge, and desired color. In addition, the cost per square foot will probably be higher for custom or special colors versus stock colors.

      LEXAN™ polycarbonate sheet products can be painted or screen-printed. The most important factor to keep in mind is chemical compatibility. Only approved paint systems should be used. Incompatible paints and thinners may cause stress cracking and/or a reduction in impact performance. Always consult the paint/ink manufacturer first before painting or printing!

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