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Polycarbonate Panels Brighten Tiny Home

“Small Space Daylighting Solution”

The Carpenter Owl is located in Bloomington, Indiana. Daniel Weddle, the face behind the feathers, specializes in building wonderful, small structures. These tiny homes, studios, and expression spaces are artful creations incorporating healthy design elements and natural building materials.

Built for an herbalist in North Carolina, ‘The Wooly Resistance of the Salted Snail’ features a translucent multiwall polycarbonate skylight over the stairs and a transparent monolithic polycarbonate bed pod. These daylighting solutions provide the tiny home owner with the perfect opportunity to watch the sunrise or gaze at a star-filled night sky – to slow down, relax and de-stress.

Besides the benefits of natural daylight, the LEXAN™ THERMOCLEAR™ 25mm 5X multiwall polycarbonate panel used in the skylight provides excellent thermal insulation. High thermal performance was an important material consideration since the skylight is located in the heated portion of the tiny home.

When asked if he plans to use polycarbonate in future tiny home designs, Daniel had this response: “Yes, I have dreamed of having a half roof for an artist studio that would allow diffused north light to enter the space.  This would be done with multiwall polycarbonate for winter.”

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