Architects' Viewpoint

Providing Educational Opportunites About Polycarbonate

AmeriLux International offers an extensive product line of high-performing materials for today’s construction industry. Innovative products such as, Lexan* Thermoclick*, Lexapanel* and Lumira® aerogel-filled panels offer many distinct advantages over the competition’s. Educating the construction industry on the many ways these products can be used is key to expanding the use of polycarbonate in architectural daylighting design.

The AmeriLux team is constantly looking for new opportunities to educate and inform the industry about our product offerings. By providing system integrators with educational and promotional materials, they can effectively promote and install products and systems. Educational programs on the benefits of polycarbonate and specific products are also offered to sales teams, designers, contractors, and end-users. This model of providing a full spectrum of support and education allows us to teach everyone involved in a project the benefits of using AmeriLux products.

If you would like to take advantage of our Distance Learning Program, we offer webinars and other resources about multiwall polycarbonate that can be scheduled to fit your needs. Presentations can be customized to the information you and your partners need. Courses for CEU’s are also available. Please contact us at 888-602-4441 to take advantage of these educational resources or to join our information network. AmeriLux not only provides the products but the service and education to ensure they are used to the fullest!

Tim Fikkert, AIA