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Springstowne Library/Fire Station

EcoSky3 System

Located in the city of Vallejo, CA, the Springstowne Library, a branch of the Vallejo Public Library, shares the same building with the city’s Fire Station No. 24. Vallejo is one of California’s oldest cities and is the last remaining area on the San Francisco Bay available for development.

Vallejo-exterior-2 LgAs part of the city’s effort to refurbish and repair its public buildings, the Vallejo City Council determined the Library/Fire Station’s roof needed to be replaced and brought up to Title 24 specifications. The project required replacement of all materials down to the roof deck sheathing. This included removing and replacing the ten existing skylights.

The quality of light provided by the replacement skylights was extremely critical, especially in the libraries computer lab and reading areas where glare could be a major issue. As a Title 24 roof, low solar heat gain and high thermal performance were also necessary requirements. Choosing the right skylight manufacturer was an important concern.

After reviewing a number of manufacturers, the projects roofing contractor, Jared Johnson with State Roofing Systems, Inc., chose Wasco® Skylights and their EcoSky3 system. The EcoSky3 system was the city’s choice because of the unit’s superior thermal performance and anti-glare properties.

Vallejo-interior-1 LgBy incorporating Acrylite® Satin Sky glazing with a 10mm Lumira® aerogel-filled polycarbonate panel, the EcoSky3 unit skylight delivers all the benefits of natural diffused light while providing excellent visible light transmission and low solar heat gain. The airtight system is completely sealed and does not require condensation holes, improving the thermal efficiency of the unit.

The EcoSky3 system is a “green” product that meets IECC requirements in all climate zones, is NRFC certified, and will meet the high efficacy requirements of California Energy Commission’s Title 24.

Wasco® Skylights offers a wide range of energy efficient skylights for both standard and custom applications. Click here to learn more about their latest innovations and product offerings.

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