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The MODESTEhouse

“A Study in Innovative Construction”

The UL (University of Louisiana) Lafayette School of Architecture and Design completed their fifteenth Building Institute project this year. The MODESTEhouse is a tiny home, approximately 200-square-feet in size, built on an 8-foot by 20-foot flatbed trailer. A study in new modular construction techniques, this student design-build project put into question the notion and currently-trendy idea of ‘tiny houses’.

Over the last decade, tiny houses have become a fashionable micro-living movement for young minimalists and empty nesters. The MODESTEhouse project aimed instead at showcasing these small dwellings as a viable option for victims of natural disasters – either as a temporary shelter or a permanent residence.

The design concept for the MODESTEhouse required every building element to have more than one function, and sought to maximize storage space, optimize daylighting, and utilize innovative construction technologies. The shell comprises the wall, roof, and insulation while the north wall provides both light and storage.

The north gridwall of the MODESTEhouse is clad in 25mm Clear Triplewall Polycarbonate Panels filled with Lumira® aerogel. Multifunctional, the aerogel-filled polycarbonate panels fill the tiny home with beautiful, diffused light, providing privacy while reducing the need for artificial light. Because aerogel particles inhibit heat transfer, the inhabitants of this tiny home will benefit from energy cost savings as well as occupant comfort.

YouTube Video | MODESTEhouse Final

In partnership with the Lafayette Habitat for Humanity, the MODESTEhouse will be sold to a retired veteran who lost his RV home in the 2016 Louisiana floods. 

Lumira aerogel is a registered trademark of Cabot Corporation.


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