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40_50mm_Lexan_ThermoclickThe cost of heating and cooling is reaching new levels. The building and construction industry is continually looking for new alternatives to increase energy efficiency; products that meet the today’s demands for increased energy efficiency in living and working environments. LEXAN™ THERMOCLICK™ sheet systems not only help customers reduce their heating and cooling costs, but also cut their energy usage and CO2 emissions – benefiting the environment while letting light into a space.

Available in 40 and 50 mm thickness, LEXAN™ THERMOCLICK™ sheets offer excellent light transmission and diffusion characteristics, high impact strength and superior thermal insulation. The specially designed tongue and groove inter-connecting system eliminates the need for vertical profiles, thereby saving on installation costs and enhancing aesthetics.

LEXAN™ THERMOCLICK™ sheets are perfect for applications such as cladding and facades of residences, commercial buildings, office buildings, and warehouses.

If you would like more information on the LEXAN™ THERMOCLICK™ sheet system, please click here.

LEXAN THERMOCLICK is a trademark of SABIC.