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TRUSSCORE™ | Ideal Ceiling Solution for Indoor Pool Room

trusscore_ceiling_pool_SmA trusscore_ceiling_pool_SmB Excessive humidity can rapidly degrade building materials, causing mold and mildew issues. Indoor pool environments are humid places. For Michael Czerkes, that meant moisture permeating through the ceiling tiles in his indoor pool room, getting into his attic space and rafters, leading to an unsafe and unsightly situation. Looking for a long-term solution, Mike discussed his options with building scientists and home inspectors, finally settling upon the TRUSSCORE™ PVC Interlocking Liner Panel.

trusscore_ceiling_pool_SmCTRUSSCORE™ is highly resistant to moisture and light in weight. The high-strength inner truss design supports attic insulation loads. These product features were important to Mike along with being in the right price range for his project. The panel’s tongue-and-groove interlocking system is also easy to work with and requires no special tools to install. “Installation was very easy and went really quickly,” said Mike. “The boards maintained their shape very well, allowing us to get a perfectly level surface that looks beautiful.”

The panel’s inner truss design provides outstanding high-strength

Photos courtesy of Michael Czerkes, Lewiston, ME


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