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Expanding In-House Capabilities

Brian PetersSince joining AmeriLux in 2011, Brian Peters, Director of Operations, has been an instrumental part in growing the company’s distribution center. During his tenure, he has overseen a 21,000 square foot building expansion, developed a knowledgeable and productive team, and is leading the efforts to expand production capabilities.

Q&A with Brian Peters:

Q: Why the focus on expanding our fabrication capabilities?

A: We have expanded our capabilities to meet our customers’ fabrication needs. Expanding our in-house fabrication capabilities increases the efficient flow of orders in the Distribution Center. Having automated equipment enables us to hold tighter tolerances and increases our level of production.

Q: On the subject of adding the right fabrication equipment: Why a Beam Saw and a CNC Router?

A: The new equipment includes a Giben 14-Foot Beam Saw and a MultiCam 3000 Series CNC Router. With the beam saw, we can cut up to fifteen sheets of 1/8” thick polycarbonate at one time. This ability to cut multiple sheets at once allows us to quickly and efficiently fill large volume orders.

Quality and versatility are absolute requirements today – the CNC router gives us both. With a 20-foot bed, automatic tool changer, and multi-head dual process technology, the CNC router enables us to cut complex shapes and large panel orders with precision, speed, and repeatability.

Q: What is the competitive advantage to having these in-house capabilities?

A: We continue to grow by focusing on the needs of our customers. We meet our customer’s needs by continuing to expand and diversify our capabilities and product offerings. AmeriLux is not just a distributor of polycarbonate and PVC liner panels; we are also a fabricator capable of transforming that panel into something more complex.

Q: How does the addition of these fabrication capabilities benefit our customers?

A: The additional fabrication capabilities increase our ability to better serve our customers who require quicker turnarounds, flexibility, repeatability, and larger volumes. We are able to save our customers significant procurement costs while increasing productivity, resulting in improved bottom line performance.