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Versatile Plastic Fabrication

MultiCam 3000 Series CNC Router

cnc_AsmIn addition to an automated horizontal beam saw, AmeriLux has expanded its plastic fabrication capabilities by purchasing a MultiCam 3000 Series CNC Router. With a 5’ x 20’ process area, automatic tool changer, dual heads, and a 3-axis system, there is not much we cannot cut.

cnc_Bsm“Our CNC router offers a lot of cutting versatility,” said Craig Cutcher. “From solid sheet to structured polycarbonate to foam PVC panels; this router can cut most of our in-house products as well as a host of customer-supplied materials.”

The MultiCam CNC Router has been a great addition to AmeriLux’s manual processes, increasing both fabrication speed and precision. We are now even better equipped to meet our customers’ needs regarding high-volume capabilities and repeatability in panel production.

cnc_Csm“I can cut multiples of the same shape as well as create ‘slotted’ panels. The panels cut on the CNC router are of consistent quality and meet tight tolerance requirements,” Craig says. “We are now able to do all kinds of cutting jobs, such as 3D lettering and dimensional signage. Job files can also be saved for repeat orders.”

By investing in CNC equipment, AmeriLux seeks to provide a broad range of value-added plastic fabrications services that complement our customer’s in-house resources. What are your plastic fabrication needs? Call us today and we’ll help you find a solution!