CoverLite® and LEXAN* Polycarbonate Corrugated Sheet

corruaged greca polycarbonate sliding door applicationIf you are looking for a high-quality polycarbonate sheet which features the latest in product technology and comes with the kind of personal service you need, call AmeriLux International! Our polycarbonate sheets are an effective alternative to traditional glazing in a wide variety of applications including:

• Commercial Greenhouses • Skylights
• Hobby Greenhouses • Domes
• Office Partitions • Shelters
• Vertical Glazings • Canopies
• Industrial Roofing • Sheds
• Pool Enclosures • Walkways
• Patio Coverings • Carports
• Window Replacements • Sunrooms
• Metal Buildings • Sidelites

LEXAN* Greca polycarbonate corrugated sheets are available in standard colors of clear, bronze, opal, and softlite. These corrugated sheets are ideal for greenhouses and other applications where excellent light transmission is needed in a lightweight sheet. Extensive research and development ensures these sheets have a high resistance to the harmful effects of weather: both for the impact strength to resist hail damage and in UV protection.

CoverLite® MR9" and MR12" polycarbonate corrugated sheets are available in standard colors of clear, opal, bronze, and softlite. In addition to high light transmission and optical properties, durable CoverLite® MR 9" and MR 12" panels match most standard metal roofing profiles. Making a simple skylight or sidelite is a snap with these corrugated polycarbonate sheets!

Our polycarbonate corrugated sheets offer a high degree of light transmittance due to its high optical properties with up to 90% light transmission.

Polycarbonate corrugated sheets are economical and light in weight, yet it's 10 times stronger than acrylic and 200 times stronger than glass!

Highly flexible, a polycarbonate corrugated sheet can be easily cold formed and will not crack or splinter when fabricated.

This high-tech feature ensures that greenhouse condensation is carried away from the roofing so that droplets will not damage your nursery stock.

LEXAN* and CoverLite® carry a prorated 10 year warranty against yellowing and a 5 year prorated warranty against breakage caused by hail.

* Trademarks of SABIC Innovative Plastics IP B.V.


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